Can you believe we’re already to a new year? Welcome to 2019!

With a new year comes new color and home design trends. Fresh colors slip into 2019 to complement much of what you already see. And some design styles from the past will pop up and take the design world by storm in brand new ways.

After following 2019 home design trends closely, we’re excited for what the year has in store. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about interior trend forecasts for 2019 and how to use these new trends in your own home.

2019 Interior Paint Colors

Every year, paint manufacturers use their expertise to predict and create new color palettes. From there, furniture and home décor designers take those colors and create beautiful things to freshen up our homes and make them feel new again.

Colors of the Year

cavern clay

Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year brings back a color palette we’ve seen before—the colors of the American desert Southwest. This year, their experts have selected Cavern Clay as their color of the year. They describe Cavern Clay as “a warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots.”

This color combines midcentury modern with the colors of the Southwest. Not to worry. This isn’t your 90’s Southwest. This soft color and its complimentary palettes take those desert colors and add undertones of gray to create an updated look.

Use Sherwin William’s Cavern Clay as the base hue of a room or just as an accent color. Visit their Colormix Forecast 2019 to see the entire palette. Reading the stunning descriptions of each palette is a treat all by itself.

Behr Blueprint


Behr’s color of the year is called Blueprint, a lovely gray-blue Behr describes as “an honest, approachable color that conjures up the blueprints builders rely on to bring architectural designs to life.” It’s a color that’s easy to live with and even easier to mix with other paint colors.

Behr’s paint colors for 2019 include some great neutrals that can be easily worked in with other trending interior paint color schemes. Visit their Color Trends 2019 to get a look at what they’ve put together.

Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-690

bejamin moore

Looking for a more neutral color of the year? Benjamin Moore has selected one just for you. Their color of the year is called Metropolitan AF-690. Experts at Benjamin Moore describe it as “calm, composed and effortlessly sophisticated.” A beautiful soft gray-white, this color sets the tone for a harmonious, understated home. See their entire palette by visiting their Color Trends 2019.

Living Coral

living coral

Finally, the vibrant color Living Coral bursts into 2019 as Pantone’s color of the year. They describe this color as “sociable and spirited” and a color that “welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity.” If you’re optimistic and playful, this just might be the color for you. Expect to see plenty of Pantone’s Living Coral this year.

Using Trending Neutrals with Vibrant Colors

Even with all the new 2019 interior paint colors, white will still be a major player. Use it as your main color and accent with the new, earthy and vibrant colors. You can use large swaths of color to accent or just toss in a few colorful pillows to provide a subtle pop. The choice is yours.

Not sure white is for you? Gray will still be popular this year, but home design trends are forecasted to shift away from cool grays and toward warmer grays to complement the new earthy tones. This upcoming trend is more beneficial for those of us who live through cold winters, implementing warm grays will prevent your home from feeling too stark during these months. This upcoming trend works better for those of us who live through cold winters because it keeps our homes from feeling too stark. Less “brrr,” more “ahhh.”

The designers at Elle Décor suggest finding a balance between neutrals such as white or gray with the right dose of color. So rather than using gray as the entire color scheme, let it take a supporting role by using bigger doses of saturated color than you have in previous years. The addition of more vibrant shades will create a happier, more upbeat look we could all use to boost our mood in an uncertain and seemingly divided world.

home design trends

Be daring this year. Let color lead your home to places you haven’t attempted before.

Design Trends

New design trends can be a bit tricky. Design experts’ opinions vary when it comes to what’s trending for the new year. So what should you do to make sure you don’t make a design mistake? Look for common threads among the trends. And keep reading for some guidance.

Other experts’ websites came in handy to help nail down the design trends for 2019. You can check them out, too. Visit sites from the High Point Market, Elle Décor and House Beautiful magazines, and (my personal favorite). One of the best things you can do is visit one of Montgomery’s showrooms. You’ll find cutting-edge pieces as well as beautiful classics all in one place. And we love visitors.

Now, on to 2019 design and furniture trends. Let’s start with what designers saw at the fall High Point Market.

It was hard to miss the curvy furniture pieces. Feminine, swooping lines on sofas, curved-back chairs, and round accent tables have made their presence known. Velvets and attention to details in upholstered pieces were also in the spotlight. Experts expect to see detailed seaming and contrasting welts.

Style spotters at High Point also noticed an emphasis on handcrafted pieces, natural materials, and highly tactile warmth overall. Cane, bamboo, and rattan popped up around every corner. Light wood floors and furniture dominated over darker woods.

Statement case goods (like buffets or unique tables) were well represented at High Point. You’ll see these everywhere this year. If you see something you love, consider adding it or replacing something with one of these gems. Beautiful, unique case pieces have a way of setting a tone for a room like nothing else.

Another popular 2019 home design trend will be mixing modern pieces with the traditional. For example, you’ll see mid-century modern pieces sharing the same space as antiques in a home. Consumers have evolved into buying separate pieces rather than buying matching furniture sets over the past few years, creating more organic spaces. Buying furniture this way will better reflect your personality and give a greater sense of a collected home.

home design trends

Black will show up in some unexpected ways this year. All black powder rooms are all the rage (yes, even the walls). Black cabinetry is making a big comeback. And, black accents used with the light neutrals of this year will pump up the contrast in your spaces.
You’ll be able to mix patterns you couldn’t before. Geometrics will be prominent in flooring, fabrics, and wallpaper. To maximize a pattern’s impact, use vibrant colors like Pantone’s Living Coral. Vibrant color schemes also work well to make a small room appear larger.

Speaking of wallpaper, this year will see a bolder use of it than in the past. Use wallpaper to cover all the walls in a room rather than just an accent wall. The bold patterns and beautiful colors make a real statement. And part of this look is to hang art and photography on the walls right along with the wallpaper. Layer it on!

One design trend many of us should be excited about this year is mixing metals. Gone are the days of matching every single metallic surface in a room. Feel free to mix them up—brass with nickel, gold with hammered bronze. Metals are finally free to hang out with each other.

A final trend is the increased use of terrazzo, but top designers disagree on terrazzo’s future. Some see terrazzo as moving out of popularity, while others see it as the “it” material of the year. Trendspotting is a tough business, which is why we leave you with one final bit of advice.

Don’t feel pressured to follow trends each year. Pick up on a couple if you see something that speaks to you. The great thing about interior design trends is that it’s all about your personal preference. Do what you love, and it will always work in your home.

And remember, our designers here at Montgomery’s are always close by to help you make great decisions for your home. Visit anytime, even if you’re just checking out the new trends.