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Alex Reff Web Bio

Alex joined Montgomery’s team in September with a degree in Fine Arts and Business. While his previous retail and hospitality experiences have given him a unique edge on customer relations, his true passion is design. He enjoys the intricacies of learning about his clients and brainstorming with them on their projects. Creating just the right piece and getting the finishing touches right are vital areas of importance for him. Alex’s work can be seen around Aberdeen, not just in homes; he (along with his father) has created murals throughout the city, including the 25-foot Pheasant in the Super City Plaza.

Alex's Portfolio
"Great experience! As a lifetime Malchow's shopper, I was concerned about the merger, but everything seems good to me at this point. The showroom is light, large and lovely, and filled with enthusiastic and helpful sales consultants. We probably had the best time shopping we have ever had with Alex. He was very knowledgeable and wanted us to understand too. He was funny...really funny...and made our experience spending our $$ such fun. He was honest about what he did not know but pulled out his laptop right there and looked some things up for us. He is one of the best salespersons I can remember working with...ever. A real asset for Montgomery's, I'd say. And did I say funny?!? 😆 Now we are just looking forward to the arrival of our Fjord chair, a challenge in these times. Thanks for being in Aberdeen and for incorporating our beloved Malchow's too."
Linda E.
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