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Annette Mocabee

Design Consultant

(605) 262-4700 ext. 469

Ever since I was six, I’ve been captivated by the world of interior design. It’s a passion that’s been brewing within me since forever. As a kid, I was constantly on a mission to transform my room, swapping furniture around and dabbling with different paint colors almost every month. Furniture stores were like my playground. Stepping into a dreamland where I could envision myself living in those beautifully curated spaces.

Fast forward to today, and my journey through customer service and real estate has only fueled my passion for design. Collaborating with clients is where the magic happens. I thrive on blending textures and materials to create custom-made designs that truly reflect each individual’s personality and lifestyle. It’s a fulfilling journey of turning dreams into reality, one room at a time.

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