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Alyssa Gough Design Consultant

Alyssa Gough


Interior Designer

605-332-4400 ext. 310

About Alyssa

Getting to know clients and picking up on their cues is a skill that makes Alyssa a great designer. “I like to pay attention to people’s emotional reactions when presenting different ideas and note what they react to. That leads to creating a home environment they’ll truly love.” Alyssa believes a client’s personal style should always shine through for a more timeless approach to interior design. “Attention to trends without overthinking them helps clients understand they don’t need to go from one extreme to another to update their living space.”

Alyssa has a degree in graphic design from South Dakota State University, with a minor in Studio Arts and Business. Her personal style includes the use of visual textures with a mix of contemporary industrial looks including metals and woods.