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Get Custom Furnishings in time for the Holidays

Get Custom Furnishings in time for the Holidays

Custom furnishings in time for the holidays? It’s possible with this approach

Original Post from pigeon605.com

Let’s say you’re looking for a new sofa.

A green sofa.

When you walk into the Montgomery’s showroom, you’ll likely see a sea of sofas.

But what you won’t necessarily know is that nearly all could be green.

“Actually, most of the sofas you see on the floor are available in green,” design consultant Kayla Hathaway said. “We’d be happy to pull out some fabric samples and show you.”

At Montgomery’s, customization is incredibly common, and an expert design team is waiting to help you make it happen.

“Nearly any of our furniture can be customized,” senior interior designer Emily Meyer said. “And a lot of people don’t realize all we do. We quite literally can come to your house and then help you customize everything from flooring to drapes, curtains to bedding and, of course, furniture.”

Looking for a 19-foot dining table?

“We have the resources to do that,” Meyer said.

“We can also take old tables and have new granite or stone tops made for them, or side boards. You don’t have to give up a favorite piece just because it’s aging or you’d like it to have an updated look.”

Updating or designing a bedroom?

“There’s an incredible variety of pieces,” Meyer said. “Many of our vendors might have 10 nightstands to choose from, or you can pick the wood, the color, the knobs.”

Custom touches even extend to the finishing touches of a room.

“We can customize rugs, drapery, pillows, essentially anything you can think of,” Hathaway said.

“We really take a customer-first approach. We want your whole home to be beautiful, whether you’re shopping with us for a single lamp or a whole home renovation.”

Even better: Montgomery’s design services are complimentary.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to us,” Meyer said. “We know the questions to ask, and as we’re getting to know each other, we’ll figure out more what the customer wants. A lot of times, the customer knows what they don’t like. They might not know what they like, but people tend to know what they don’t, so then we can begin eliminating options.”

Working with a designer also helps you learn what’s possible in your home, Hathaway added. And at Montgomery’s, that often means a lot of options.

“We have all the tools we need to build and create your custom project,” she said. “We can walk through what is offered for each brand. For instance, with one fabric vendor, you can only change the color of the fabric. With another, you can change the depth, height, seat cushion construction and more.”

“We have more and more vendors utilizing those tools, so it’s very helpful because a lot of people have trouble visualizing how pieces or fabrics will look,” Meyer said.

And unlike recent years, when longer-than-average wait times made some hesitate on customization, things are getting back to normal, the designers said.

“Every brand is different, but we’re right at one to four months for most custom pieces,” Meyer said. “Before, it was generally one to two months, so things are definitely normalizing.”

Special offer

Start planning now for holiday gatherings and guests. During Montgomery’s Labor Day sale, choose from a selection of sale-priced custom-order beds, sofas, sectionals and dining room tables that you can have in your home in time for Thanksgiving when you order by September 11, 2023.

Stop into any Montgomery’s showroom to get started.

Sioux Falls Showroom

Meet The Sioux Falls Design Team

1725 W 41st St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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We open again at 9am.

Madison Showroom

Meet The Madison Design Team

747 S Washington Ave
Madison, SD 57042

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We open again at 9am.

Watertown Showroom

Meet The Watertown Design Team

1000 9th Ave SE
Watertown, SD 57201

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We open again at 9am.

Aberdeen Showroom

Meet The Aberdeen Design Team

3502 7th Ave SE
Aberdeen, SD 57401

We are currently closed.
We open again at 9am.
Celebrating 135 years in business-Montgomerys gives back

Celebrating 135 years in business-Montgomerys gives back

Celebrating 135 years in business, Montgomery’s gives back to employees, communities

Original Post from pigeon605.com

A fifth-generation family business doesn’t reach its 135th anniversary alone.

It arrives at that milestone thanks to longevity at all levels – team members who joined the business as entry-level employees and worked their way up to becoming key leaders.

People like Dean Gehrels, who joined Montgomery’s in 1994.

Or Nita Flagtwet, who has been part of the team for 21 years.

“And so many other names in between,” said Eric Sinclair, owner and president of Montgomery’s.

“We are the company we are not only because of our family’s ongoing commitment but truly because of the people who have been part of our team and become part of our family along the way.”

For Gehrels, a Montgomery’s career began with a role as a management trainee in Madison. At the time, it was the only Montgomery’s location.

“I needed a lot of help when I started, but they gave it to me,” he said. “They were patient with me, and while the plan was I would divide responsibility with someone else in the Madison market, when he left, I was left fully in charge.”

He ran the Madison store and then became more involved in the merchandise side of the business instead of daily operations. He now serves as merchandising manager while still helping with sales training and pitching in as needed to cover management shifts at various locations.

“I just really like working with the Sinclairs,” he said. “It’s a great fit for my personality, and we have a like-minded sense of wanting to get things accomplished. I love working with a family business. You’re accessible to top leadership. Anybody can have a great idea, and we’ll study it and put it into play if it makes sense.”

For Flagtwet, a sales manager role originally drew her to Montgomery’s in Sioux Falls. Five years later, she became director of sales.

“The ownership always says if you take care of people, the rest happens, and they’re not wrong,” she said. “Whether it’s your employees or your customers, it’s the people that make your business strong, and it’s a fun culture here. People are always willing to help out, and our owners will help wherever needed. If there’s garbage outside, they’re picking it up.”

She enjoys a lot of longevity on her team too.

“I have people on my team who have been here 10 or 15 years, and in retail, that says a lot,” she said. “It’s not an easy job, but here we’re as family-friendly as we can be. We care for our people, and we’ve had a lot of fun and growth.”

The Sinclairs embrace change and education, which has contributed to the business reaching 135 years, Flagtwet added.

“We have education for the team in our store one day every week for an hour to 90 minutes. And it’s happened as long as I’ve worked here,” she said. “We work very hard on being educated in our field, and that doesn’t just benefit our customers but our employees because we’re investing into them through that training.”

While Montgomery’s has been celebrating its milestone anniversary all year, the past month has been especially powerful.

The company held an employee appreciation week, including notes of gratitude, games, treats and a big party with food trucks, camping and more prizes.

“Every year, we take time to celebrate our staff for an entire week, but because this year is our 135th anniversary, we changed things up a bit,” director of merchandising Jessica Clayton said.

“Every day during the week, we focused on a category we offer. Each day was themed around that category with trivia, activities, treats and raffle prizes.”

In an especially memorable moment, all employees were recognized in a “graduation ceremony” and introduced along with their years of service, while receiving a $135 gift.

“It was super cool, not like anything we’ve done in the past, and it was really nice that every employee at the celebration was called out and personally recognized,” Flagtwet said.

“But we care about those milestones. At a one-year anniversary, employees are taken to lunch with their supervisor. There are other recognitions at five, 10 and 15 years, and often our owners will stop and congratulate employees or email or text them.”

Another core company value is giving back. So in addition to appreciating the team, recent weeks were filled with philanthropy:

  • The Madison store raised money for the Domestic Violence Network’s build-a-room campaign.
  • The Sioux Falls store raised money for the Active Generations All Access east-side campus campaign.
  • The Watertown store is raising money for the Human Service Agency Detox & Rehab facility.
  • The Aberdeen store is raising money for Meals on Wheels.

“We continually look for ways to give back to the communities that have made us who we are today, and that’s especially true in this anniversary year,” Sinclair said.

“It shows what a perfect cultural fit our employees are that they immediately rallied behind this effort with us, and we’ve been able to make significant contributions to multiple valuable efforts.”

Montgomery’s even was honored for its commitment to the state recently by the South Dakota Hall of Fame, with one of the organization’s Acts of Excellence awards, reserved for extraordinary individuals and organizations who are serving their communities in meaningful ways.

Gehrels views it simply – this is just a reflection of the culture that has helped him at Montgomery’s for nearly 30 years.

“People just do the right thing and treat everyone right,” he said. “That’s the internal cultural. Everyone moves in the right direction and focuses on how to improve. It just makes life as a retail employee a lot easier. I just love the fact that the No. 1 most important thing is to treat customers and treat each other like you’d like to be treated. It’s pretty simple, but it makes all the difference.”

To learn more about growing your career at Montgomery’s, click here.

Montgomery’s Moves Forward by Giving Back

Montgomery’s Moves Forward by Giving Back

Montgomery’s Moves Forward by Giving Back

July 14, 2023

Family-owned businesses have a unique advantage when it comes to making a positive impact on the communities they serve. With a shared sense of purpose, deep-rooted values, and a strong connection to local communities, there is great potential to create lasting change. The ripple effect of giving back can lead to a more compassionate and supportive community where people work together for the greater good.

Sinclair Family Giving Back Blog

At Montgomery’s, we encourage our staff to get involved, and that was evident when we asked for their input on nonprofits to support in the months of July and August. From kids to senior citizens to dogs and cats, numerous suggestions were made from their hearts and personal experiences. We are pleased to align ourselves with the following nonprofits by asking you, our customers, to consider a donation when you’re in our stores. We’ll match dollars 1:1, up to $5000. Think of the impact that will make on your community and maybe even someone you know.

Charity Logos Giving Back Blog

July 10-15 Domestic Violence Network in Madison
July 24-29 Center for Active Generations in Sioux Falls
July 31-Aug 5 Human Service Agency Detox & Rehab in Watertown
Aug 7-12 Meals on Wheels in Aberdeen

As we are more than halfway through our year-long celebration of 135 years in business, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support local businesses and South Dakota communities.

Home design simplified: How this free, complete service brings visions to life

Home design simplified: How this free, complete service brings visions to life

Home design simplified: How this free, complete service brings visions to life

Original Post from pigeon605.com

She walked into the Sioux Falls Montgomery’s store like most customers.

“I just went to browse the showroom floor,” homeowner Miranda Nolte said. “I told them I was looking for furniture for an entire new house, and that’s when I learned about their free design service. I’d shopped there before for a chair or something, but never to this capacity, and I didn’t know about the service.”

When she learned the Montgomery’s design experts literally could help her step by step, from floor to ceiling, with her custom home build, it was like a weight lifted.

“It was huge. I didn’t even know where to go or where to start,” she said. “I just knew what I liked.”

Montgomery’s designer Anastasia Duin and flooring manager Olivia Niggeling took it from there.

“It was amazing. We totally hit it off,” Nolte said. “Olivia went and sourced all my tile and laid it out and did all the leg work and I was able to pick from selections. Anastasia was great with the décor and furniture and fabrics.”

As a single mom and busy insurance industry leader, “my running around time is precious,” she added. “And they were able to take that all off my plate. I had no idea how easy and hands-on this was and how curated they make it to your specific design. I came in and they had all the furniture laid out, fabric samples, paint colors. It was a one-stop shop.”

Today, she goes home to the “mountain modern” home she always envisioned, something that draws on her love for the Black Hills with lots of warmth and without an overly rustic feel.

“The three of us worked awesome together, and it has to all go cohesively, so to have both people in the same place – my flooring and tile person and my furniture person – rather than trying to pull it together myself was exactly what I needed.”


Because Montgomery’s name is synonymous with fine home furnishings, many consumers looking to remodel or build don’t fully realize the free interior design services Montgomery’s offers, or the specialized services available to them through The Floor Store at Montgomery’s, where tile, backsplash, countertops, and fixtures are part of the Whole Home package. This suite of complementary services is offered at each of Montgomery’s four locations.

“We do full interior design services, and it’s not what people necessarily associate with us,” Niggeling said. “They don’t realize we can help select everything, source materials even if we don’t have samples in the store, and find super specific things like tile or other flooring that fit their budget and complement their design.”

In Nolte’s case, the Montgomery’s team helped problem-solve continually. Niggeling helped sourced a large tile product that create the look Nolte was hoping for with her fireplace, for instance.

“It’s a great large-format tile, and we’re doing a lot of that lately because it’s very budget-friendly and yet you get the grand look of a big marble fireplace,” Niggeling said.

On the furniture side, Nolte loved a white sofa – but was a bit wary with twin three-year-olds.

“The protection program Montgomery’s sells is so amazing,” Nolte said. “I wanted white, but I have little kids, and once I learned about the benefit with the protection program I was able to get what I wanted because I felt confidence with that extra piece in place.”

For builders, Montgomery’s works with contractors or uses its own installers to help create welcoming, neutral spec homes.

“For contractors, it’s a big load off their plate,” Niggeling said. “We general install at least one portion – tile, carpet, hard surfaces – if not all of it. A lot of the spec homes we do feel custom because everything is selected with a purpose. It’s not just for the masses. It’s something that’s specifically chosen to complement the home’s design.”

And with custom home owners, “we’re making sure both the customer and the contractor is happy and taking the burden off everyone of selecting and searching and finding products,” she continued.

Bathrooms are a great example, she said.

“Those seem to be a struggle for people. Only certain tile or natural stone can go in places with water, so we help navigate all that and show them options they can choose,” she said. “We don’t want them to fall in love with a tile that doesn’t work in a shower.”

The overriding goal is “to makes sure the first decision complements the last decision,” Niggeling said. “We’re another sounding board, we’re communicating throughout and we’re sharing back and forth with different ideas and solutions for their vision.”

For Nolte, the process was “nothing but wonderful the whole way through,” she said. “They made the experience the best and brought all my ideas to life.”

Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

Original Post from pigeon605.com

When you step inside a newly built Parade of Homes house, don’t overlook the details.

That’s where the work of Montgomery’s designers shines. You’ll find their signature approach from top to bottom and throughout multiple homes on this year’s Spring Parade of Homes, which runs May 13-14 and May 20-21 and is hosted by the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire.

“Most of the time, we’ve worked on many homes on the Parade event, and this is no exception,” designer Paula Kruetzfeldt said. “Often it begins as working with a builder on a spec home that then progresses to having the house shown on the parade.”

Creation Builders

When a builder builds a home “on spec,” it means there is no immediate buyer. So, Montgomery’s designers are integral in making design selections that are appealing to a wide range of owners.

“When we’re selecting finishes, we’re keeping things neutral with little pops of color, so if by chance the home owner prefers something different it’s easy to switch out,” Kruetzfeldt said. “We keep the home neutral but jazz it up with materials, metals or lighting for more of a wow factor.”

1J Homes

Montgomery’s designers help select everything from flooring to wall coverings, lighting and kitchen finishes.

“We give our contractors the absolute best products possible, while fitting within what their budget allows,” flooring manager Olivia Niggeling said.

1J Homes

“All the products in these homes are extremely high-performing but meet the budget of a home owner who would be shopping within that price point.”

In a Parade of Homes house, visitors are going to see the latest and most current materials on the market.

1J Homes

“We’re continually going to trade shows and bringing back new products to builders before they even get to the store at times, so they will be showing the newest products in their homes,” Kruetzfeldt said.

What does that look like this year? Niggeling is excited for visitors to see the latest in luxury vinyl plank flooring, “which gives a really updated, enhanced look while still having the durability and performance that owners need and expect,” she said.

1J Homes

“We’ll be showing some natural bevel products that are new to the market. I also suggest owners ask about materials. Some luxury vinyl can look like real wood or ceramic, so it’s important to understand what you’re seeing and what your expectations for the product could be.”

Kruetzfeldt recently returned from a lighting market and found “white is really trending in fixtures right now,” she said. “There’s a lot of bigger, bold and gold fixtures. And now because of LED light bulbs and the fact they don’t get hot, we’re seeing a lot of alabaster glass coming back and a lot of milky white. Mixed with gold it’s very classy looking, almost like turning light fixtures into beautiful art.”

Creation Builders

Many Parade visitors are looking to make a statement in their home, “so it’s fun to show how lighting can do that,” she said.

In this Parade home by Creation Builders, the Montgomery’s designers assisted with everything from paint colors to the fireplace surround, the tile back splash, lighting, mirrors and carpet. Plus, they staged the entire home with furniture and accessories.

Creation Builders

“We actually started with a new stain color, which is a unique honey grey color, and we built off of that, paired with some black and white to keep it classic, and had that warm wood color bring it all together,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“Many people don’t realize we work with hardware too, for kitchen cabinets, and we can coordinate that with light fixtures and other design elements in the house. So it really can be almost a complete stop for contractors or home owners to design the entire house. And when we stage with furniture and accessories for the Parade, it’s not uncommon for owners to ultimately go with many of those selections permanently.”

For a look at all four homes Montgomery’s supported on this year’s Parade, click here.

Expert advice

If you’re heading to the Spring Parade of Homes, the Montgomery’s designers have plenty of tips.

Touch and feel

The Parade is your chance to go beyond carpet samples and tiny pieces of tile, so make the most of it.

“Feel it, touch it, stand on it, all the things you can’t get from small samples,” Niggeling said. “Walk on the carpet, on the tile, on the laminate vinyl plank. You might have it in your head what you think something is like, but seeing it in application is a whole different ballgame.”

Ask away

Often, a Montgomery’s designer will be in the Parade home while you browse.

“We love when you ask questions about the performance of the product as it helps us get an idea for your style,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“There’s a lot of beautiful things to look at, and we can make sure we find something that’s within your budget. If we know what you like, you often can either buy that identical item or we can find a budget-friendly alternative.”

Don’t be afraid to dig into the details either, Niggeling added.

“Ask about things like the carpet or flooring’s wearability and traffic, especially if that’s key in your household,” she said. “Ask what type of carpet it is so you’re learning what you like.”

See a lot

With more than 60 homes on this year’s parade, there are options throughout the Sioux Falls area and in all budgets. But ideas can come from any home, so the designers recommend stopping in several.

“We encourage you to see as many Parade homes as you can,” Kruetzfeldt said. “You’ll leave with a better idea of what you like and don’t like, because you’ve actually seen the products.”

To connect with a Montgomery’s designer for your own home design needs, stop in any Montgomery’s store.

Love ‘Yellowstone?’ This new furniture collection will create your own Dutton Ranch

Love ‘Yellowstone?’ This new furniture collection will create your own Dutton Ranch

Love ‘Yellowstone?’ This new furniture collection will create your own Dutton Ranch

Original Post from pigeon605.com

Call it high mountain style.

A collection of furniture inspired by the popular series “Yellowstone” is available now locally, exclusively at Montgomery’s.

Crafted by Illinois-based Green Gables Furniture, the Yellowstone collection was developed after a set designer from the show asked the company to create a grouping of furniture for the set.

The Dutton collection showcases the raw beauty of reclaimed lumber. The naturally textured wood is sourced from old Midwestern barns and given new life through these unique designs.

“It has one-of-a-kind barn wood elements and handcrafted hardware, so no two pieces look exactly alike,” said Paula Kruetzfeldt, senior interior designer at Montgomery’s in Sioux Falls.

“It’s named after Dutton Ranch, and it does have that look – Montana mountain but very well crafted.”

The Dutton line includes a dramatic bed and headboard, an armoire, side tables, nightstands, dressers, TV stands and coffee and sofa tables.

Several pieces are on display at Montgomery’s four South Dakota locations.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in the short time it’s been here,” Kruetzfeldt said.

Also available for special order, Green Gables offers a Gallatin Valley line within its Yellowstone collection. It embraces hickory and offers a similar mix of pieces as the Dutton line, plus chairs, benches and barstools.

“Because this is a smaller company, they can do custom work, and we’re able to work directly with them,” Kruetzfeldt said. “We’re excited for people to see how unique and very attractive their pieces are.”

The Yellowstone collection builds on a growing design movement in the high mountain style, she said.

Montgomery’s has an entire section devoted to pieces that deliver the look.

“It’s definitely trending right now. We have a lot of people seeking that style,” Kruetzfeldt said. “I think our state is unique, just like the one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll find in this collection. Our customers like the warmth of wood and gravitate to that.”

There’s something about the style that evokes a feeling of vacation, she added.

“We help design and furnish many Black Hills and lake cabins, hunting lodges and, of course, primary homes in this style,” Kruetzfeldt said. “Yellowstone is very popular, and people just kind of fell in love with the look and started putting bits and pieces in their home and then redoing whole areas.”

Within the high mountain area of the store, “we have upholstered pieces with cowhide, exotic trims and unique fabrics that are absolutely stunning,” she added. “It’s hard not to like it because it’s just beautiful and very well done.”

Designers can help bring together artwork and accessories to complete the look.

“The colors related to this style are teals, reds, burnt orange, navy — deep, rich colors that pair with the hides and dark metals,” Kruetzfeldt said. “It’s a very elegant look even though it has a rustic feel. We are excited to share this collection with our customers and encourage them to stop in and see us.”

Launch event

Immerse yourself in the “Yellowstone” experience at Montgomery’s upcoming Yellowstone Launch Party.

Stop in the Sioux Falls store at 1725 W. 41st St. from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 30.

“We love to bring people into the store and show our products, and we’re going to have fun with this,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“We’re showing how this could look in your home and how Montgomery’s can help deliver the high mountain look for you.”

In keeping with the flavor of the series, you’ll find a menu of beer-braised pork sliders with slaw topping, cowboy caviar, apple pie and Yellowstone-inspired beverages.

Plus, there’s line dancing planned and the chance to win a Yellowstone Dutton bed, king or queen, or four suite tickets to the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour and $100 in concessions.

“Green Gables has generously donated the furniture prize,” Kruetzfeldt said. “They’re proud of it and excited to share it.”

The contest goes through noon April 1, with a drawing at 1 p.m. and no need to be present to win. Open-house events for Yellowstone will run the whole weekend at all Montgomery’s stores.

To browse the Yellowstone collection online, click here.

A better night’s sleep awaits with this design and mattress advice

A better night’s sleep awaits with this design and mattress advice

A better night’s sleep awaits with this design and mattress advice.

Original Post from pigeon605.com

What a difference losing even just one hour of sleep can make.

If you find yourself dragging a bit after our recent shift to daylight saving time, you can relate.

Now multiply that out by hours, days, weeks, even months.

It becomes apparent how small changes definitely can impact how well you rest and consequently all your waking hours.

“I share that a lot,” said Emily Meyer, a senior interior designer at Montgomery’s. “I’ve dealt with medical issues nearly my entire life, and changes to your bedroom – and especially your bed itself – can make a huge difference.”

This week appropriately is National Sleep Awareness Week, making it the ideal time to take stock of your own sleeping situation and make adjustments.

“One in three adults don’t get enough sleep,” said Clint Richards, mattress manager at Montgomery’s.

“And if you’re not getting a restful seven or eight hours, it puts you at risk for everything from cardiovascular problems to drowsiness that can lead to all kinds of accidents or other issues. Sleep is the time when your body and brain repair themselves, and if you’re tossing and turning, you don’t get that deep, restful sleep.”

The sleep experts at Montgomery’s are ready to help, whether it’s assisting you in finding a perfect mattress or designing the space where you sleep.

They offered these tips to help put you on course to better overnights ahead.

Evaluate your space

Step back and take stock of your bedroom.

First, how does it feel when you sleep?

“The temperature in your bedroom should be colder than you’re used to the rest of the time in your house,” Meyer said. “That doesn’t have a lot to do with design, but it does have a lot to do with how you’ll sleep at night.”

Got that set? Now think calming colors.

“You want this to be a calm and peaceful space,” Meyer said. “Color matters here. No reds, which can bring unwanted energy. Think light blues, grays, blushes.”

Sound a bit boring? There’s a solution for that.

“Texture,” Meyer said. “If you keep everything neutral tones, it can get boring, but in a bedroom, that’s important. So things like big, fluffy pillows and a tweed comforter or velvet mixed in can keep the room interesting and give a designer touch and look.”

Montgomery’s custom approach extends to bedroom furnishings too.

“With our workroom and seamstresses here in Sioux Falls, we have a huge selection of fabrics, and our designers can help customers with customized bedding, draperies and pillows,” Meyer said. “When a person can’t find just what they want, we can make it for them.”

Play attention to the lighting in your bedroom too.

“Use multiple lights – so you can have an overhead light, but bring in table lamps too so you can have low, more calming light,” Meyer said. “And with window treatments, find ways to layer in light. You might use light-filtering blinds and be able to pull curtains for when you want to sleep in.”

Montgomery’s Mattress 1st makes perfect matches

Each Montgomery’s store includes a Mattress 1st, where you’ll find the latest in sleep technology and a team of experts to guide you to your ideal mattress.

“We carry multiple styles that are going to fit what you’re looking for in a mattress as well as your budget,” Richards said.

Customers begin by trying out various numbered mattresses to determine which suits their style.

“We walk you through it and help figure out your ideal bed and then show you options from there,” Richards said. “It can be overwhelming to shop for a mattress, and this really helps make it a straightforward decision.”

For those who appreciate the cooling effect of a specially designed mattress and pillows, he suggests the Arctic mattress, which “is the ultimate cooling mattress on the market,” Richards said.

“There’s a lot of new technology in mattresses. One from Simmons is using a plant-based cooling material, and another uses recycled plastic in the fabric, so there’s a good eco story as well as comfort and technology.”

He also suggests considering an adjustable bed – no matter what your age.

“Even if you only use it when you’re sick or your back is hurting, it’s a sturdy base that makes your bed feel more solid,” he said.

“We know that a very high percent of kids with ADHD, for instance, have sleeping problems at night. This can help keep the head elevated correctly, especially if there are breathing issues.”

Meyer has seen that impact firsthand.

“Adjustable bases can help with blood circulation, relieve stress from the lower back, open up the airway for breathing, alleviate pressure on your bladder and help with hip pain,” she said. “Alleviating issues such as these will help you sleep better.”

Purchasing a mattress at Montgomery’s is a complete no-pressure situation. Thanks to Montgomery’s Perfect Sleep Promise on a mattress purchase over $999, “at a minimum there’s a 120-night guarantee, so a customer can sleep on the mattress and still do an exchange if needed,” Richards said.

Headed to the Home Show, Keep these tips in mind

Headed to the Home Show, Keep these tips in mind

Headed to the Home Show? Keep these tips in mind.

Original Post from pigeon605.com

What comes before spring? Home show season.

In the coming weeks, home shows will take place across eastern South Dakota, including the massive Sioux Empire Home Show.

But if you’ve ever navigated the endless rows of booths, vendors and options, you know it can become a little overwhelming.

“The idea is to get the dream out of your head and into your home,” said Carly Ellsworth of Montgomery’s, who oversees outside design projects such as home shows.

“And it can be overwhelming, but there is so much available for help. That’s why, when you’re a Montgomery’s customer, we offer the Whole Home Experience to help you manage the project without any additional cost. When we know what you’re looking for, we can save you time and money by directing you where to go and how to shop.”

Ellsworth strives to make stopping by the Montgomery’s booth at a home show just like a miniature representation of the store itself.

“We change our booth each year, and we design it for the community whose show we’re participating in,” she said. “It’s 100 percent consumer-driven, so we’re looking at what consumers are looking for when they’re coming into the store, what the trends are and what you might not know as much about that we think should be elevated.”

The booth also is staffed with Montgomery’s designers ready to help guide you through your project or answer questions.

“We have a whole team of designers ready to help with the project from start to finish,” said designer Paula Kruetzfeldt.

“We become your project management helper, and that relationship can start in our booth, or you can come to the store anytime. And if you come to the store and connect with a designer before the Home Show, we can even help guide you during the show to make sure you see everything that interests you.”

Ready to prep for your Home Show experience? The Montgomery’s experts shared their advice.

First thing to consider: Your budget

“Budget is a big factor and determine that first,” said Corey McLaughlin, Montgomery’s senior manager for floor coverings.

He knows – after spending years as a contractor running building projects.

“If you’re looking at things that aren’t in your budget, you’ll struggle, and it can feel defeating. If we start with budget, we can ensure it’s a positive experience.”

Hone in on your ‘why’

We’ve all got one – the big reason why we’re hoping to refresh our space.

“One way to keep the process from becoming overwhelming is to focus on what’s important,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“That’s how we start narrowing down choices. So what’s important? Is it children, pets, color? What’s the key motivator? Most people don’t do this every day, and there are so many options. We want to make this a fun experience so that they’re enjoying investing in their home and making good choices.”

The need to engage

The Montgomery’s experts agree: The biggest mistake visitors to home shows make is seeing and not speaking.

“They browse but don’t engage,” Ellsworth said. “I can’t tell you how important it is to ask the right questions. Talk about your project. Show a picture. Ask for ideas. That’s what gives us life as designers and how our brains work.”

And, once you do, you’ll realize all the expertise waiting for you.

“For instance, if a homeowner is interested in a kitchen or bathroom project, we can suggest plumbing fixtures and faucets, appliances and cabinetry and help decide what type of sink could go in there,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“We can coordinate those things without actually supplying them, and over the years we’ve developed such valuable relationships that we can introduce you to the companies to best meet your needs. Once clients stop and talk about things, their eyes light up because they begin to realize all their options.”

Discussing flooring? Ask the right questions

Many homeowners come to a home show curious about ways to refresh their flooring.

“But anyone can sell flooring by how it looks great or because you like the color, but it may not work with your home or cabinets or counters or trim,” McLaughlin said.

“Ask if there are other items in your home affected by putting that flooring in your house.”

Curious about the trends? Here’s a peek

Not to spoil all the reveals of the Home Show, but if you’re hoping your home project will leave your space up-to-the-minute current, think warming up.

“We’re still going with an earthy, organic color scheme, but there’s increasingly a blend of warm and cool tones,” Ellsworth said. “I’m not saying gray is out, but it’s definitely shifted to warmer grays and taupes. Maybe an icy-cold blue but paired with camel. So we’re going to show how to mix both.”

Tech isn’t going anywhere, either.

“We’re seeing a big shift, from window treatments coordinating with smartphones and thermostats and appliances,” Ellsworth said. “As designers, it’s important for us to stay cutting edge, so just like our customers, this is a great opportunity for us to reconnect with people we know and see what they have to offer.”

Another tip: Ask for references

With hundreds of vendors, it can be hard to hone in on who is a match for your project, but visuals can help show if they’re a fit.

“As you talk with businesses, ask for pictures or to see examples of their work,” McLaughlin said. “We all have a different eye for quality, so what meets one person’s expectations might not for someone else. Ask them to show you their end result.”

And finally, ask about what you don’t know

A key question to ask while considering a home project is the one you might not know to ask.

“After asking a company to explain the details of what they offer, say to them: ‘What am I forgetting?’” McLaughlin said.

“That sparks the salesperson to tell you about the plumber or the electrician or the other costs and extras that might be needed. The idea is to have that conversation up front, so the road map is laid out, and you can make a value decision.”

Or, if you’d rather not be the one who has to ask what more it takes to get a project done, Montgomery’s Whole Home Experience will make sure it’s all covered for you.

“We’ll help you make the first decision go with the very last decision and everything in between,” Kruetzfeldt said.

Stop by the Montgomery’s booth at the following upcoming home shows:

  • Sioux Falls: Sioux Empire Home Show, Feb. 24-26, Sioux Falls Convention Center.
  • Aberdeen: Aberdeen Home & Garden Show, March 3-5, Brown County Fairgrounds.
  • Watertown: Watertown Home Show, March 4-5, Codington County Extension Complex.
At 135 years and counting, Montgomery’s makes fun plans for upcoming milestone year

At 135 years and counting, Montgomery’s makes fun plans for upcoming milestone year

At 135 years and counting, Montgomery’s makes fun plans for upcoming milestone year

Original Post from pigeon605.com

Think about all the ways furniture has evolved in the past decade.

Or the past 50 years.

Now try to imagine how furniture has changed over the past century.

Or even farther back – like 135 years.

You begin to get an appreciation for what it must take to have owned a family furniture business that has serviced customers all those years.

“If I were to pick the top reason we’ve made it all these years, it’s that as a family we’ve just decided that we invest almost every penny back into the business,” said Eric Sinclair, president of Montgomery’s and the fifth generation of family leadership.

“Reinvesting back into the company has enabled us to evolve very quickly, from how fashionable our showrooms are to how we take care of our facilities, to having enough inventory and, most importantly, building great teams of people to make it all happen.”

In 2023, Montgomery’s marks a big milestone: 135 years in business, from a single store in Alexandria to a four-location home furnishings powerhouse known for full-service home interior design and outstanding customer experiences.

“Montgomery’s is known for highly fashionable, high-quality and really unique home furnishings,” Sinclair said. “We hear it a lot, especially as more people are moving to South Dakota from larger areas. They’re not expecting what they discover here for home furnishings.”

Montgomery’s roots are in serving growing communities. In 1888, Alexandria was where the train line ended in Dakota Territory and George H. Montgomery departed after boarding in his native Wisconsin. He was a woodworker who used his skills to start Montgomery’s Furniture and Funeral, building both furniture and caskets for the early settlers.

George transitioned the business to his son, W.R. Montgomery, in 1918. Two years later, George’s son-in-law Gilbert Loomer joined the team. Gilbert’s two sons eventually bought the business in 1959.

A fire destroyed the Alexandria store in 1964, which was replaced by one along the interstate. Future stores followed in Arlington, Howard and Sioux Falls.

Son-in-law Clark Sinclair joined the business in Howard in 1977.

His son, Eric, and daughter-in-law Neala moved back to South Dakota in 2006.

“My mother and father, Connie and Clark, are still very involved, and my wife and I are involved as the fifth generation,” Sinclair said. “Our three kids aren’t involved yet, but hopefully one or multiple of them show interest in carrying on one of the original retail businesses in South Dakota.”

But first, they’ll have to work elsewhere as part of a family tradition that also has contributed to the business’ longevity.

“We like our next generation to go out and have other jobs before they come into the family business,” Sinclair said. “That’s been critical. For me, I worked for a manufacturer of custom upholstery and worked with independent retailers in home furnishings all over the country. It allowed me to see what worked and didn’t work and was invaluable to my education as I came back and kept growing the business.”


Montgomery’s has lots of plans for celebrating its anniversary year – with more announcements to come – but 2023 will kick off with a fun giveaway. Four lucky shoppers will win a whole-room giveaway, valued at $13,500 each. One winner will be chosen from each store – Aberdeen, Madison, Sioux Falls and Watertown – and all you have to do is stop in to enter from Jan. 3 through Feb. 6.

“One thing that’s extremely important to my family is giving back to the communities we serve,” Sinclair said.

“I think that’s been a reason for our success for multiple generations. We do an immense amount of giving within our communities, and for the anniversary year, we’re excited to be focusing on that even more. We wanted to start off with something fun that our customers would appreciate as they stop in the stores and dream a little bit about what is possible.”

Homeowners envisioning improved spaces have led to several years of strong growth for Montgomery’s.

“Recent times have been wonderful,” Sinclair said. “It’s been a good year, and in our area people keep moving here and keep building and remodeling homes. Generally, since COVID, consumers are investing more in their home furnishings, and we have seen that. They’re much more focused on their homes and making sure they’re surrounded with beautiful things and feeling comfortable in their surroundings.”

People also are “busier and busier,” which means Montgomery’s full-service design approach adds even more value, he said.

“Maybe you’re starting a new job or just bought a house, you’re getting the kids in school, and there’s a lot of change in your life. So if we can be the ‘easy’ button and create a beautiful space in the home, that’s wonderful for consumers, and a lot of them are utilizing those services, which are complimentary when you work with us.”

Montgomery’s has invested in more inventory, making sure customers are able to enjoy their new furnishings as soon as possible.

“We have four times as much warehouse space as we did when the pandemic started, and it’s full,” Sinclair said. “We’ve made a strategic decision that having stock on hand is really important. The customer wants something now, and that’s becoming a bigger part of the buying decision.”

But Montgomery’s also is known for its customization options, and that continues too.

“About half of our business has historically been about special orders and customization, and that is really starting to come back as we’re experiencing more normal lead times,” Sinclair said. “With so much design support in-house, customization is important to our customers but so is knowing that they can get their selections quickly.”

Entering its 135th year, the Montgomery’s team, fittingly, has grown to about 135 people. And while there’s always room for new team members looking to grow their career, “we’ve been very fortunate to be in a really good position when it comes to our teams,” Sinclair said. “We’re seeing more people come to us looking for stability, which is something we can definitely offer, but we also want to make sure it feels like you’re part of a small family business.”

That includes a Culture Club that brings forward monthly ways to keep work fun, from turkey bowling in November to a “seven days of Christmas” experience during the holidays.

“We like to do things like bring in lunch and set up hot cocoa bars to make sure people enjoy their co-workers and environment, and know they’re part of a company that values relationships and having fun at work.”

Interior designers offer expert advice for holiday home design, decorating

Interior designers offer expert advice for holiday home design, decorating

Interior designers offer expert advice for holiday home design, decorating

Original Post from pigeon605.com

Has “decking the halls” left you feeling in need of a little holiday home updating?

There are plenty of ways to update your space for the season – and beyond – with a little help from the experts.

“For a while, everyone gravitated to gray and white, and now we’re seeing trends shift to more natural colors,” said Lauren Peterson, a design consultant at Montgomery’s in Madison.

“We’re seeing greens and rusts coming back, and that also can be very timely if you’re looking for an update for the holidays.”

Whether you’re preparing to entertain at home, looking to add a little sparkle for your own enjoyment or just trying to find the best place to place your Christmas tree, the Montgomery’s team is waiting for personalized advice.

But in the meantime, we asked them to weigh in on easy adjustments you can make to create a “home for the holidays” you’ll love.

The dining experience

The holiday season kicks off with the mother of all meals: Thanksgiving. So whether you’re hosting this Thursday or preparing for another holiday dining event, assessing your dining space can make a big difference.

“We have a lot of dining furniture available right now,” Peterson said. “You can customize it to your specific wood species, two-tone it like using a white and a gray or a wood and black, or consider something like a trestle table we offer that has three butterfly leaves in it. It can seat about six when closed but open up to double in size.”

Make sure your lighting is appropriate for the space, she added.

“A lot of times, people don’t think about updating the lighting in their dining space, but it can really transform the room,” Peterson said. “We have chandeliers, sconces and more available to take today or order.”

And finally, don’t forget about the centerpieces for your dining table.

“You don’t want those too high so they’re blocking guests or conversation,” Peterson said. “For instance, we have a nice wooden bowl in multiple sizes, and you can decorate it with pumpkins or greens or florals and adjust depending on the occasion.”

Make the space functional and interactive, added Alex Reff, a design consultant at Montgomery’s in Aberdeen.

“Have the table dressed well and stocked with hors d’oeuvres as an option before the big meal,” he suggested. “When in doubt, symmetry is a safe and effective route — something as simple as a small bouquet with a couple flaked candlesticks on either side and a few woven or real mini pumpkins with fun colors.”

Want to get away from traditional reds, oranges and yellows?

“Try using fun pinks and vibrant greens, a nice floral bouquet accented with pomegranates, some greens and candlesticks to keep it simple.”

Easy home updates

Are you looking ahead to the holiday season and less than excited to welcome guests into your space? Some simple updates or redesigns might be in order.

“When I do space planning for clients, I always plan for how the space is used daily and how it is used for entertaining,” said Kayla Hathaway, a design consultant at Montgomery’s in Sioux Falls.

“Some ideas are as simple as ordering a matching dining bench in addition to your chairs at a dining table. For daily use, place the bench inside an entryway or at the end of a bed. When the holidays roll around, use the bench for additional seating at the expanded table. It will match and look finished and intentional. I also recommend using additional dining chairs in a home office or vanity.”

If you’ve not stopped in a showroom lately, you might be surprised at all the options that exist.

“There are so many innovative pieces of furniture being created,” Reff said. “One thing I love is a self-storage table. Some will store three 18-inch leaves in them! That gives a person hosting for the holidays less headaches when it comes to eat.”

Need a little extra seating in your living space? The design consultants agree: Go with poufs.

“They’re an especially great option for children and young adults,” Reff added.

They double as accents or decorative pieces, Peterson said. And ottomans “can store things year-round,” she continued. “You can use it as a coffee table, a foot rest or a bench.”

Easy additions such as new lamps, rugs, throws or pillows “also can really transform a space,” she continued.

“Sometimes, clients will come in with photos of their rooms on a phone, and we can look at that or do a house call and help you find some pieces that are available today and can make an immediate impact on a room.”

The holiday decor

Now that you’re loving the furniture, it’s time to truly deck the halls.

“I always say don’t overdo it,” Peterson said. “Mix in accessories you have with holiday accents. Something like a glass bowl can be very nice. You can put ornaments in it, but you also can put florals in it, so there’s year-round use.”

Montgomery’s has a wide selection of winter florals available now.

“You can do some whites and reds for Christmas and maybe add something glittery in silver or some white sticks that carry you into winter,” Peterson said. “We also have beads in the store on a long string that can be used in centerpieces, to decorate a tree or to wrap around a lamp to bring some fun to the base. They go for all seasons and are becoming popular.”

And if you’re stumped with how best to arrange your Christmas tree in a room, you don’t have to go it alone.

“Having a second set of eyes on your space can give you a fresh idea on how to utilize your space more efficiently. It’s quite common that I plan out where a Christmas tree will fit best in a client’s living room and how to best rotate furniture for the holidays,” Hathaway said.

“My goal for my clients is to have them utilize and enjoy their space to its full potential, whether it is just a night at home alone or a house full of people entertaining for the holidays.”

You also can’t go wrong keeping your decor simple, Reff said.

“We’re seeing classic looks from the past with a botanical or cottagecore-inspired decor, with vintage-inspired accessories and a lot of natural elements,” he said. “I have also seen a big emphasis on elegant barware and sophisticated dinnerware.”