Beyond window dressing: Window fashions offer easy, effective updates to enhance a home

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Shades, blinds or draperies, however you choose to cover your windows, there’s likely something new on the market you’d love to see in your home.

“We’re definitely seeing more interest in window fashions in our stores, including people coming in specifically for window treatments,” said Montgomery’s window fashions manager Aimee Bridgeman.

“It’s exciting to see, especially because there are so many great options, including the ability to completely customize your window treatments.”

Whether you’re building or renovating an entire home or just looking to update a room or two, new window treatments can go a long way.

“Our designers are very well trained to know what to recommend in multiple situations,” Bridgeman said. “Not only will this help complete a space, but even if you think you’re not going to remain in your home for long, updated window treatments have been shown to add resale value – especially if they’re custom.”

Considering changing the look of your windows? Here are your top 10 things to know.

Design work is complimentary

As with all your Montgomery’s home design, the experts are standing by to you help you for free, every step of the process.

“Our customers are learning more and more that we’re so much more than a furniture store. We’re here to help with all your home design needs, including window treatments,” Bridgeman said.

Designers will come to your home and measure for window treatments, provide free estimates and then guide you to the selection that’s right for you.

“Not only that, but we’ve been in business 136 years and are family-owned,” Bridgeman said. “We’re not going anywhere, and we really pride ourselves on taking care of customers every step of the way.”

Options for every budget

It’s sometimes still a misconception that Montgomery’s works only with luxury homeowners, which is far from the truth.

“When it comes to window treatments, we have multiple quality manufacturers, and we are able to accommodate a wide range of budgets,” Bridgeman said. “The difference is you’re not going into a giant big-box store, which is overwhelming to most people. You’re getting one-on-one expert guidance from people who are extremely knowledgeable about the products.”

Montgomery’s also will match prices, she said.

“We want you to come to us because we offer more than windows and because of the experience you’re going to enjoy as a customer working with us.”

Treatments for every taste

When it comes to blinds and shades, it’s hard to overstate how many choices you’ll find with a simple stop in the Montgomery’s showroom.

From metal, wood and vertical blinds to sheer, woven wood and roller shades, you’ll likely be amazed at how many updates are available for your windows.

“And, of course, it’s always evolving,” Bridgeman said. “Right now we’re seeing lots of interest in roller shades, and we’re even seeing more customers on the fabric side of window treatments considering velvet. But it’s a modernized, sleek look, and I’m seeing a lot of the newer homes bringing in that very lush material. There’s such a variety of choices.”

Tech keeps improving

Automation and ease of use definitely are driving trends in window treatments. Be prepared to control your new window treatments easily with a remote or your smartphone.

“Power is a huge thing, so we’re seeing more integration into home automation, and we’re increasingly working with builders to do hard-wiring during construction so your window treatments easily have the power they need,” Bridgeman said.

“It can be very tech-driven or controlled with a basic remote, depending on your comfort and preferences.”

Let the light in – or not

Window treatments can be either light enhancing or darkening – and sometimes both at once.

“Light-enhancing window treatments filter natural sunlight and also provide UV protection, which keeps your furniture and flooring from fading,” Bridgeman said.

“And then you can do dual shades, which can alternate between sheer and darkening, so you can create a darker space whenever you want it.”

Upgrade could be an energy saver

Energy-efficient shades help you save energy and live more comfortably year-round.

“Cellular shades are the most energy-efficient shade available,” Bridgeman said. “They have a unique honeycomb design that traps air in distinct pockets, providing an added layer of insulation at the window. That helps keep a room warmer in cooler weather and cooler in hotter weather.”

If you like the look of a roller shade but want enhanced energy efficiency, consider a cellular roller shade, which marries the simplicity of a roller shade with a layer of insulating fabric.

Don’t forget the doors

When the sun goes down, sliding-glass and patio doors can provide passersby and neighbors with an unfiltered view into your home.

“That’s where drapes, vertical sheer shades, panel-track blinds and shutters come in,” Bridgeman said. “Adding any of these to doors or other large expanses of glass improves privacy, as well as helps manage natural light during the day.”

Sky-high isn’t an issue

Sioux Falls keeps growing – and so does the height of its buildings. If your new home or office is high above the city, Montgomery’s has window treatments specially designed for spaces surrounded by windows.

“We have great motorization options and specialty shades,” Bridgeman said. “Solar shades can be a great option, including for commercial space or customers that have a lot of sun. Plus, if there’s a space where you’re looking for easy cleaning, these shades are vinyl, so that’s an added benefit.”

Customization is endless

What truly sets Montgomery’s apart is its custom workroom, which allows for total customization – not just for window treatments but in many areas of your home.

“We have a lot of ability to do things that are out-of-the-box,” Bridgeman said. “Whether it’s drapery or Roman shades or even custom bedding, technically the sky is almost the limit. We potentially can even re-create what you might have enjoyed in the past and do reupholstery projects. If you have pieces in the home where you want to change fabrics, we can do that too.”

Installation is seamless

One thing to know about window treatments: You probably don’t want to try a DIY approach in installing them.

“It does require expertise, and our installers are fantastic,” Bridgeman said.

Even better: Work with Montgomery’s on your new window coverings before April 8 and it’s half off installation with your purchase.

“Our BOGO promotion is a popular one, and this is the first year window treatments are included, so it’s the perfect time to come work with one of our designers,” Bridgeman said.

To start seeing your windows in a whole new light, stop into any Montgomery’s location, or click here.