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Bring the Light Down

by | Mar 1, 2015

Once relegated to above the dining room table, pendants are breaking free. Available in wide variety of styles and options for every space, pendants offer many advantages over other lighting options. From a lack of a floor footprint (leaving ample room for whatever furniture arrangement one desires) to their adjustable height and light direction, to a streamlined approach to unsightly cords, pendant lights help to capitalize a room’s layout and utility.

Beyond function, pendant lights also serve a vital purpose in the overall design of a room. A pendant can draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of vertical height within a space. Pendants can be sleek and understated (like our Menlow Park Pendants, shown left, that feature a clear cord wrap, with modern glass and metal accents), adding subtle sparkle to a room. Or pendants can be showstoppers (as evidenced by our Mingle Pendant, below, with multiple bulbs and a sculptural-like quality), acting as the focal point and commanding design presence in a space.

Whatever your personal pendant style might be, Montgomery’s has the selection to help light the way!


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