International designer helps Sioux Falls clients add global flair to homes

International designer helps Sioux Falls clients add global flair to homes

International designer helps Sioux Falls clients add global flair to homes

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From Brazil to London, Patricia Thoms has immersed herself in international architecture and design – and now her clients in Sioux Falls are seeing the benefit.

Thoms has design and furniture in her DNA. Her grandfather emigrated from Portugal to Brazil, where he opened a furniture store and insurance agency in Rio de Janeiro.

Originally, though, Thoms was drawn to architecture. She worked for construction and architecture firms before going to London in 2011 to study international business.

“I wanted to make something new, and I saw how much Europeans valued interior design,” she said. “Everything was glam and rich, and there was so much color.”

When she returned to Brazil, she shifted her education to interior design, “and it was the best thing ever for my life,” she said.

So how does a Brazilian designer, who specialized in designing retail and restaurant spaces in her home country, become an interior designer in Sioux Falls?

Thoms is used to the question.

“I get asked that a lot,” she said. “My husband is from Sioux Falls.”

They both had experience as exchange students while in high school. They kept in touch for years before becoming a couple in 2017. Her first visit to Sioux Falls came in 2018 to meet her future husband, Troy’s, family, and they married in 2019.

Her background in fine jewelry – she specializes in diamonds – led her first to work in the jewelry industry, but she always had an eye toward working at Montgomery’s.

“Everybody told me, ‘You need to send a resume to Montgomery’s. You need to work at Montgomery’s.’ And finally after two years, they hired me.”

She began working at Montgomery’s in early 2021 and has immersed herself in her work.

“I’m starting to see more European design here in Sioux Falls,” she said. “That’s why it’s important to travel around the world and get inspiration. I’ve been to 20 countries, and I travel internationally at least once a year.”

Since she started working in Sioux Falls, she has served clients from Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, Brazil and Egypt.

“I need to understand their cultures and what they like in their country to make their dream home here in Sioux Falls,” Thoms said. “My first sale at Montgomery’s was to a young woman who didn’t speak English, and we spoke in Spanish.”

As Sioux Falls becomes a more global community, both new and longtime residents are embracing global design trends, she said.

“You can come to Montgomery’s, and if you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Italian, you’re going to have someone here who can help you,” she said.

Her own home in the McKennan Park area reflects the direction many others are seeking in their spaces, she said.

“It’s a traditional home in many ways, but my furniture is more modern. I like the mix,” she said. “That’s what you see in European homes – a traditional home with furniture that’s more modern, and that’s one of the biggest trends right now in Sioux Falls. Normally, clients who are moving from the coasts are looking for this. I have some clients from Florida who just moved to Sioux Falls and want a more European style.”

For her clients, Thoms often draws on her architecture skills to create 3D drawings showing how their spaces can look.

In this newly built home, for instance, she showed how to create a clean look while offering lots of seating without overcrowding the living space.

“These recliners are a true caramel leather made in Norway,” Thoms said. “They have a very clean look with no cords on the back of the chairs. They operate with two buttons and a battery in the back. The functionality of the furniture is designed to suit the need for ergonomics and the body’s need for rest and movement.”

She’ll often ask how many people typically sit in a living space and then work with the owner to determine a configuration.

“In this case, the project is two love seats, not a sofa, and when you see it, it’s perfect because it’s not oversized,” she said. “And we got everything pet-friendly so the leather won’t be scratched. And then I helped with the decor and the art on the walls. It’s so pretty. I love this project.”

Thoms easily can guide clients looking for more global design influences through options in the Montgomery’s showroom.

“One of the most fun things is how many options we have for styles and fabrics, and we are able to have products arriving customized in a much shorter time than we did during the pandemic,” she said. “It’s amazing how we can take a very traditional piece and change the fabrics and accessories, and make it look completely modern.”

Thoms also regularly visits European design events “because everything you see there, in two or three years you’ll see it in America,” she said.

Right now, that includes “a lot of velvet, brass and gold and curved lines,” she said. “If you go in Louis Vuitton in Europe, all the furniture is curved arms.”

She’s also anticipating “a lot of plaids, as well as very neutral colors, with a lot of different prints and textures.”

The entire Montgomery’s team, including merchandisers, buyers and designers, are intentional in making sure they can meet the changing tastes of the Sioux Falls community and beyond, said Shelly Johnson, senior marketing manager.

“We study trends in several different ways, including attending market twice a year. Our community is evolving and becoming more diverse, and that impacts the type of design many are looking for in their homes,” she said. “Our team absolutely can deliver a range of styles and do so as part of the Whole Home Design work we’re known for – from top to bottom, we can work with you on everything from a single piece of furniture to an entire home design.”

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Transform Your Room with Modern Wallpaper

Transform Your Room with Modern Wallpaper


Transform your room with modern wallpaper

By Renae Kranz

You’ve been mulling it over for months, asking yourself, “What’s the best way to get a bit of ‘wow’ into my room?”

That one room is just too boring. Changing the paint won’t be dramatic enough. You don’t want to do anything too drastic or expensive, but the room needs a kick in the pants.

Have you noticed a little thing called wallpaper creating a buzz out there? You may think it died a long time ago, but it really never did. And today, the possibilities make it an obvious kick-in-the-pants option to put the drama back in your room.

Need proof wallpaper is still a popular design choice? Joanna Gaines (HGTV’s Fixer Upper) loves it and has created her own line of wallpaper designs. Pay attention to your favorite TV shows. You’ll see all kinds of wallpaper used to add texture to walls or to make a big splash. If you’re watching for it, you’ll suddenly see it everywhere.

Paint is easier you say? Maybe for some areas. But what really sets wallpaper apart from paint is the texture and sheen you can accomplish by choosing wallpaper instead. And consider this—you won’t have to put all those test patches of paint on every wall of your room and agonize about which tiny difference in paint color is the right one. So painful.

Wallpaper offers photo-realistic looks, graphic prints that pop, glitter and shine for the unexpected, and tons of softness or boldness depending on your personality. Keep reading for ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How to use wallpaper in your home

If you want a unique look and feel for your home, using wallpaper in your design plan offers virtually unlimited options to express your personality. Montgomery’s interior designer Rose Meyer says wallpaper can be made of paper, vinyl, grasses, bamboos, fabrics, bling, and many other unique materials.

“Wallcoverings are one of those details in a home that transforms the space into WOW!” Rose says.

Everyone wants WOW in their home.

Many wallpaper designs offer great contrast that brings depth to a room. You can use it to add softness, color, and pattern to otherwise hard, boring spaces. The right paper can add movement, just like a piece of art.

Wallpaper functions beautifully as a backsplash in a kitchen. Choosing one that is easily cleaned is crucial for a backsplash application. Wallpaper also works great for any niche in the house, giving it a special treatment to make it stand out. And don’t forget about your powder room or laundry room. These spaces become little gems when treated with a stunning wallpaper.

Consider which wall would offer the most dramatic positioning as a wallpaper feature in a room. Which wall is visible first when entering a room? Which wall is the most obvious candidate? A designer can help you pick the perfect spot.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to look traditional. You can find industrial and modern wallpaper looks to add great texture to a space. Faux brick papers look like the real thing. Textured concrete and even street art papers are also available.

Love shiplap but not ready for the commitment? How about a wallpaper made to look like shiplap? You can add that farmhouse feel without having to break out the hammer and nails. Keep it modern by pairing soft floral wallpaper with industrial metal accents. Or go bold farmhouse with a large check pattern that gives the feel of gingham.  

There’s even a paper that looks like a weathered barn door. You could use it behind a bed to act as a headboard or on a small wall for a dramatic look.


Here are a few more wallpaper decorating ideas:

  1. – Take a modern twist on a traditional look by using a wallpaper with bits of bling tucked into an otherwise matte finish.
  2. – Use wallpapers with large geometric prints to make a room appear larger.
  3. – Use a mural wallpaper on an accent wall to create a fantastic backdrop that grounds the entire room.
  4. – Add authenticity and a lived-in look to your home with weathered, soft patterns.
  5. – If you create a statement wall, light it separately with adjustable recessed lighting to really amp up the wow factor.


Unusual places to use wallpaper

Using wallpaper in unusual places makes you look like a real design pro. Rose says, “As a designer, it excites me to use wallpaper in the most unexpected places—ceilings, closets, mudrooms, even furniture.”

Using Rose’s suggestion, put wallpaper on the ceiling for a real surprise. Wallpapers with a sky design—think clouds, blue sky, or even stars—make the ceiling feel higher, like an endless sky above your room. Or use a dark wallpaper to provide a deep contrast with the walls.

Rose suggests revamping an old dresser with a fun wallcovering. How cool would it be to open the drawer and see some bedazzled wallpaper inside?

Kitchen cabinets are prime real estate for wallpaper according to Rose. Take the doors off and line the inside of the cabinets with an exciting wallpaper pattern.

Put your imagination and creativity to work using this great design tool in places no one else would think of.

Easy to hang and remove

So, you’re probably a little nervous about hanging or removing wallpaper. You’ve heard horror stories from friends about how hard it is. Don’t let that deter you. Today’s wallpapers are easier to hang and remove than ever.

Paint may seem easier, but the prep for paint and wallpaper is basically the same. And when you consider having to apply two to three coats of paint to get good coverage, you might feel differently about hanging wallpaper. In just a few steps, your dramatic new look is ready to go when using wall coverings.

Many wallpapers today don’t even require wetting or applying a paste to hang. Peel and stick wall coverings have grown in popularity and quality. They’re super easy to hang and even easier to remove.

Want to use a more traditional paper? Check out these links for steps to hang and remove wallpaper. It’s really not that bad. With a friend to help you, the process will be quick and easy. Or, call in a professional to take care of the installation for you.

It’s time to try wallpaper!

Ready to give wallpaper a try? Rose gets excited whenever she has a client who wants to add drama to a room. She knows right where to go.

The options for wallpaper are endless, and it can be tough to pick the right one. Rose and the rest of the Montgomery’s designers can help you pick the best wallpaper for your home and fit it in with your overall design plan.

Come on in and take a spin through our gorgeous wallpaper library. You just might be inspired by this hidden gem.