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6 Benefits of Wool Flooring

6 Benefits of Wool Flooring

With a long tradition as one of the most luxurious fibers for flooring, wool provides many benefits. Wool is stylish, sustainable, easy to clean, safe, strong and provides value to your home and life.


The distinctive beauty of wool is of its natural affinity to accept dye. By locking the color in, wool is dyed in vibrant colors that last, cannot be rubbed off and look good longer. Wool can be woven, tied, or tufted into stylish textures and patterns adding dimension and depth to your room.


Wool, collected from sheep raised and bred in the countryside, takes a fraction of the energy to produce compared to other materials. In addition to decreased production costs, the lifespan of wool flooring is up to five times longer than other options.

Easy to Clean

Due to the lanolin (wool wax), the coating on each fiber wool rugs are stain resistant. This attribute also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the carpet.


Because of the high protein and moisture content wool is naturally flame retardant, not allowing flames to spread quickly. The moisture levels also make the wool static-free and enable it to absorb indoor contaminants to help purify the air from harmful gasses.


Wool fibers are strong enough to bend up to 10,000 times before breaking. The fibers natural elasticity allow it to stretch up to 30% more than it’s original length and still bounce back.


The longevity of wool flooring averages out the upfront cost while at the same time providing other energy, health, environmental and care savings.

Enjoy naturally superior qualities of wool in your home.

Treading Trends

Treading Trends

Current flooring trends have been dominated by the form and function of patterns. Patterns have found their way into carpet, tile, luxury vinyl tiles and planks and even hardwood. Just take a peek at Pinterest and get inspired by images of herringbones, chevron, and hex. While it may be intimidating at first to tackle a project as permanent as your floor, it’s easier than you think with the help of a professional.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal type of flooring for your space, you can turn your attention to what you hope to accomplish with your flooring. Select planks or linear patterns that can be laid diagonally drawing your eyes toward a corner of the room to enlarge the area.  Setting your lines perpendicular to cabinetry will give the illusion of a wider space.

Love lines? Select planks of varying widths instead of a single width to increase the element of interest. Thin line tiles come in uniform options or the ever-growing mosaic options. Widths start as small as one centimeter and may be a uniform width or have a variety of widths on a mesh sheet for easy installation. You can find thin line options in classic marble materials, glass, stone and porcelain. If you fall in love with more than one, create your mosaic.

Patterns in carpet are made possible with a mix of thread colors or with texture variation through a process called cut-loop-cut. With cut-loop-cut selected threads are cut rather than lopping at the top creating a different texture, and abstract or structured patterns arise. Popular Moroccan tile and abstract patterns are both soft and structured when used on carpet and rugs.

The classics never go out of style, but they do get revitalized. Hexagonal and penny tiles are a staple for older homes. Bring them into a more modern or transitional home in new sizes and materials. Mix and match them with tile or even wood planks to discover an artful floor.

You have chevrons in your closet, you have them on your bedding, they are even on your throw pillows, but are they underfoot? Use wood, tile or luxury vinyl planks to create chevron patterns on your floor. Expand on the design of chevrons with a herringbone pattern.

Lay down the floor of your dreams and step into livable luxury.

Lakeside Living

Lakeside Living

Shall we go outside or stay in? A dilemma for the owners of this lakeside retreat. The Madison Montgomery’s design team worked with the builder to select the flooring, lighting, and window fashions. The flooring includes carpet in the main living areas and bedrooms, tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and in the lower level a luxury vinyl plank was selected as it is an easy surface to clean after a day on the lake. Hunter Douglas window fashions were installed throughout the home including soft fabric roman shade with power view controls. The controls allow the resident to raise and lower one or all of the shades with the touch of a button.

Our team enjoyed furnishing the home to complete the look. They selected easy clean fabrics, rich materials, and subtle patterns. The seagrass chairs in the dining room are repeated in the seagrass vase in the living room. An upholstered bed in the master bedroom in a king size was used to scale the oversize room which still had space for a reading corner and multiple dressers. This home is ready for a worthy resident thanks to a great builder. Lee Schelling, thank you for working with us.

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