How design updates and technology are enhancing home lighting

How design updates and technology are enhancing home lighting

Let the light shine: How design updates and technology are enhancing home lighting

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The daylight is dwindling, making this fall an ideal time to rethink how you light your home inside and out.

“We offer Whole Home Lighting – the whole package, from new construction or home remodels to helping with individual lighting selections within your home,” said Paula Kruetzfeldt, senior interior designer and lighting specialist at Montgomery’s.

“People can do their whole project at Montgomery’s with complimentary design assistance.”

Whether you’re looking to outfit an entire home with new lighting or just add updates here and there, keep these options in mind:

Exterior lighting

Extend your outdoor living season or enhance your curb appeal with updates to your exterior lighting.

“From my experience, a lot of people put on exterior lights when they build and then forget about them, so it’s once and done,” Kruetzfeldt said. “But there a lot of new fixtures on the market, including those with LED capabilities that have numerous advantages.”

Here’s a big one: No more bugs.

“They don’t generate the same kind of heat, so they don’t attract bugs like older lights do,” Kruetzfeldt explained. “Plus, the newer fixtures are more energy-efficient. You’re likely going to go from using 60 watts in a bulb to only drawing 4 or 5 watts, which adds up to a huge energy savings.”

The outside of your home “is your first impression,” she continued. “We do a lot of exterior consultations and have a vast variety of lighting styles to choose from.”

That includes your outdoor living space. Do you have a three-season room, outdoor kitchen or favorite patio? There’s likely updated lighting for it.

“We see everything from traditional to very modern. Some of our clients own lake homes, and given the unpredictably of our weather and winds, we’re able to help you make selections that will hold up in the elements,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“Remember to think of Montgomery’s for your exterior lighting.”

Living in light

As we approach 2024, lighting inside the home is all about adapting to how you live.

“Lighting in homes today is moving toward switching from task-oriented light when you need it to calming or wind-down light later in the day,” Kruetzfeldt said. “It’s a switchable technology, but it actually involves the color temperature of the lightbulb. So it can go from bright, intense light to a different color in the evening.”

Many lights in your home can be updated in small ways that can make big changes.

“Think about your kitchen pendants, a bath light, maybe a hall light you walk by everyday,” Kruetzfeldt said. “Just changing one or two fixtures gives the home a personality change and can become something you build off of as you’re inspired to do more.”

Areas with focal points for lighting include foyers, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

“There are fun ways to change a fixture’s personality with just changing the lightbulb,” Kruetzfeldt added. “Some are shaped like marshmallows or spheres, crystal cut or lipstick shaped. We can accent-detail even more by switching out a lightbulb.”

Bathroom light tips

Technology can be your friend in a big way with a lighting upgrade in your bathroom.

“Again, LED is leading the way because it doesn’t produce as much heat,” Kruetzfeldt said. “There are several options for bathrooms. You can choose a bathroom bar light, ceiling light, sconces, pendants lighting and LED mirrors that will light up your space.”

Her advice: Layer your light with an LED mirror, sconces on the sides and a light behind you.

“This lighting gives a perfect environment for getting ready, with very little heat produced,” Kruetzfeldt said. “And there’s something for everyone – whether you want a minimalist look that’s functional or something with personality and design flair.”

Chandeliers shine

The coming year is showing a shift for chandeliers – literally.

“Several of the fixtures we’re seeing for 2024 are adjustable,” Kruetzfeldt said. “Shades that can move and twist and turn and angle different. So there’s movement in the fixtures.”

The sleek lines and warm tones that have gained popularity are still sought-after, plus “we’re seeing more mixed metals and leathers – a lot of detail, a lot of personality,” she continued.

Think two- or three-toned colors with sleek detail.

“Chandeliers often become a building block for a room, and they can really be pieces of art or a focal point in a design setting,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“It’s an easy way to update a room too, especially if you already have electrical. We’re also seeing moves away from bare lightbulb industrial and clear glass to a softened look with milky glass or alabaster glass, again because LED light doesn’t produce the heat, allowing us to use these appealing materials again. With the evolving technology in lighting, I foresee a lot of remodeling because people will want to incorporate these aspects into their home.”

Lamps make a statement

Lamp lighting is another way to bring a statement to a room. These smaller purchases can pack a design punch.

“We’re seeing a lot of sculptural lighting, very unique and architectural, with strong lines, marbles and mixed metals,” Kruetzfeldt said. “These are smaller purchases, and you often can move them from room to room and create more design excitement.”

Montgomery’s offers a large selection of lamps with styles for every taste, she added.

“You’ll see everything from whimsical to organic, simple and ornate. We also have minimalist and smart lighting that are very popular as well,” Kruetzfeldt said.

Beyond the showroom

While a visit to a Montgomery’s showroom is a great place to start – or get inspired – with a look at lighting, the options go beyond what you’ll see in the store, and designers are there to help you each step of the process for free.

“Our electronic catalog is an exceptional tool,” Kruetzfeldt said. “It’s very detailed. We can zoom in so you can see the finishes so clearly that it’s almost like you’re touching it. Additionally, we are able to filter by size, finish, price point, making it an easy shopping experience, saving the customer time and money.”

Within the store, various lighting styles are shown in room settings, “so you can stand back and see the scale and details and not be overpowered by having all the lighting displayed in one area,” she continued.

“You are able to better imagine it in your space. Just as importantly, we offer to consult within your home to ensure your selections are going to fit. You’re not making costly mistakes by choosing a fixture that’s too large or small for your area.”

Montgomery’s designers will sit down with your blueprint and go room by room to help choose lighting for a newly built home and even do a walk-through on an existing home.

“We can help produce a complete package. No detail is overlooked, down to making sure you have the right light outputs and bulbs in your fixtures,” Kruetzfeldt said. “Our job is to make sure our clients feel educated and comfortable. We ensure every lighting decision is a special reflection of our clients’ personal style.”

Ready to add a little light to your living space? Schedule an appointment with a Montgomery’s designer.