How to Decorate a Coffee Table

How to Decorate a Coffee Table

dafebbddbdffeeaDecorating your coffee table gives you the opportunity to let your style shine in your living room. Adding the right pieces adds an intriguing sophistication that is sure to charm. Impress your guests with these quick and easy steps. Let’s get right into this quick read:

Prior to Decorating

Using tape, create squares around where you would like to place objects. This technique will help you measure what will fit and how much of the table you wish to decorate.


Find decor that will be eye-catching on your table. For example, if your table is constructed of dark wood, enhance it with white accents.

Shape & Height

Try to incorporate a mixture of shapes. Rectangular objects are great for structure but will look too stuffy without any variation. Round trays, bowls, and candles come in handy to break up these stuffy lines.

Height falls under the same concept, find one central piece with substantial height compared to the rest for chic symmetry.


Start with a Base Stack objects on top of books or a decorative tray. The rule of three applies excellently to coffee table design. Create three separate collections on your table, each with a different base. I recommend staying within the same color theme in each group, to avoid clashing. Two collections work just as well, especially if you are working with a small table.

coffee table books

Greenery Flowers and plants add that pop of color that every room needs. Find glistening vases to feature your greenery. Even though real flowers are stunning, faux flowers are cheaper and last longer.

Small Objects Small unique decor pieces are perfect to set on top of coasters, trays, and books. Find objects that tie in with your theme and personal style.

Candles Everyone loves a great smelling candle! Place your favorite candle onto one of the bases to add maturity to your space.

Living Room Arrangement Ideas

Living Room Arrangement Ideas

Cozy & Conversational

cozy and conversational living room arrangement

Sofas can be arranged to face each other with a coffee table placed in the middle for a conversational favorite. This is perfect for easy conversation with a foundation to hold drinks and snacks! Of course, there are many living room arrangement options, but this is our fan favorite.

Defined Dining

defined dining living room arrangement

Create a defined flow by separating your dining room and living room. Placing a sofa facing away from your kitchen or dining space adds purpose to an open space without boundaries.

Circled & Spacious

circular and spacious living room arrangement

Small spaces can be super touchy. Some furniture can actually make a living room appear smaller. In a small living room, find a circular coffee table. Square coffee tables are great for definition but can close off space easily.


furniture living room arrangement

Avoid pushing furniture up against the wall, always leave a small amount of space (at least 5 inches). This will create a sophisticated room.

Squared Situations

squared situations

Too boxy of a room? Switch things up and place furniture diagonally. Your space will feel more welcoming. Place all the furniture on the same diagonal line.

Break it up

break it up living room arrangement

A common mistake is to throw a sectional into a small living room to create as much seating as possible. Instead, break up your seating by finding small sofas and accent chairs to fit into your space. A large sectional will make your living room look small. Shopping for more than one piece is more fun anyways!