From flooded flooring to full remodel homeowners renovation was eased with this approach

From flooded flooring to full remodel homeowners renovation was eased with this approach

From flooded flooring to full remodel, homeowner’s renovation
was eased with this approach

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Maria Schaffhauser wasn’t looking to begin a home renovation when she first walked into Montgomery’s in Sioux Falls – she was there to deal with a flooded basement – and fast.

Schaffhauser, who serves in the South Dakota Air National Guard, was preparing to spend two weeks in Sioux Falls as her husband dealt with the flooded fallout in their Aberdeen home.

“So we needed to pick a place that served both Sioux Falls and Aberdeen to replace the flooring, which is why I was at the Sioux Falls Montgomery’s,” Schaffhauser explained.

But when she walked in, she met interior designer Patricia Thoms, and the two started talking longer-term plans.

“I was just there looking for flooring, but I said eventually I want to do a home remodel,” Schaffhauser said.

The Schaffhausers had purchased their Aberdeen ranch home with the plan of remodeling it. Then came the pandemic, price increases, labor and material shortages, so it was put on hold.

Thoms provided the inspiration to get the project rolling.

“She didn’t know where to start,” Thoms said. “So I said, we have a free consultation, and I can go to your house and measure and make a project for you, and she thought that was great. So I went to Aberdeen and measured and took pictures, and then when she returned to Sioux Falls, I had a presentation for her.”

Thoms presented Schaffhauser with a three-dimensional image of how she could enlarge her main living space and renovate her kitchen, dining room and living room.

“That allowed her to visualize and see how she wanted to place even things like her windows,” Thoms said.

It was the help Schaffhauser needed.

“We wanted a larger kitchen and had an idea of what we wanted to do, but she was the one who measured and said ‘we can do this’ and drew it out, and that was actually what we used with our contractors to show what we wanted,” Schaffhauser said. “We took it to a cabinetmaker and showed designs and to a counter provider and showed what we wanted.”

Then, Thoms and Schaffhauser began working together to decide on fixtures and to furnish the space.

“I would send her pictures all of the time – things like handles for cabinets and faucets for the sink – everything,” Schaffhauser said. “We did a Roman clay fireplace, and she helped me make all these decisions on colors and styles. She was super-responsive in helping me decide on all these things because where do you even begin? She was always super-responsive.”

All of Thoms’ design services, like all Montgomery’s designers, were provided complimentary to Schaffhauser as a customer.

“And truly, the flooring is what started it all,” she laughed. “We ended up going with a luxury vinyl plank, and she suggested putting the same flooring upstairs so it all flowed.”

The Schaffhausers had to work through contractor availability, but Thoms stayed in touch and helped determine what furnishings would complete the renovation.

“I ask a lot of questions of clients, and Maria had shown me some photos for inspiration that showed me her style,” Thoms said. “It’s clean and timeless, and that’s what we did for her.”

For Thoms, “I like to make beautiful kitchens, but most important to me is that they be functional,” she said. “So I look at how things are stored and what needs to be out, and then I focus on things like how many barstools there should be and what height they should be.”

In this case, they went with a customized lower stool that had a slight back to it.

“So they’re not the first thing you see because there are a lot of cool things in the kitchen,” Schaffhauser said. “And then they’re also a vinyl material, which is nice with kids.

“We’ve had plenty of spills already, and you just wipe it up.”

The lighting in the kitchen is “very simple but chic,” Thoms said. “We went with a simple clear light that allowed us to do decor like floating shelves in the back of the kitchen without making it too busy.”

Because the house sits adjacent to a golf course, “she has a beautiful view, so the home layout takes advantage of that,” Schaffhauser said. “But I also introduced a lot of light into the house because it was darker before, so we also put in more windows.”

In the living space, they chose an American Leather sofa off the floor at Montgomery’s and customized fabric for reclining chairs.

“It flows very well with the stools and the sofa,” Thoms said.

For Schaffhauser, the chairs “are amazing. They’re chic, they’re comfortable, and they’re awesome,” she said. “And the way she designed the windows, you can sit in the chair and look out at the golf course and trees, and it’s so peaceful.”

Two years after their first meeting, Thoms went back to Aberdeen to put the finishing touches on the project.

“I think it’s perfect,” Thoms said. “I love it, and I love to see how happy she is.”

Working with Thoms, “she’s seen us at our worst, with our entire basement – two bedrooms and a playroom – moved upstairs after the flood,” Schaffhauser said. “It was a lot.

“And Montgomery’s was able to install our flooring as quickly as possible so we could get back to a normal life and made the entire process a one-stop shop. And now, I absolutely love the house. It’s a home, and it feels so clean and warm and cozy.”

The Montgomery’s Whole Home design experience “was so easy,” Schaffhauser said. “They’re great to work with. The collaboration between the Sioux Falls and Aberdeen stores was awesome as well. You can tell everyone there works well together, which just makes the customer experience that much better too.”

To learn more about how Montgomery’s can help guide your home design from start to finish, stop in any location or click here to locate your nearest showroom.

Complimentary Design Service with 3D Design Models

Complimentary Design Service with 3D Design Models

FREE 3D design modeling creates visual representation of your room

February 2024

Complimentary design has always been a service offered by the talented team of designers at Montgomery’s. Whether you’re shopping at our location in Sioux Falls, Madison, Watertown or Aberdeen, the design team is always there to help bring the Whole Home Experience to reality. The Whole Home Experience is more than just providing a large selection of the best quality furniture, flooring, window treatments, lighting, and accessories for your entire home. It helps you create a comfortable and beautiful space that you and your family can truly live in.

Paula K 3D Design Presentation Bedroom Aerial View

Through our complimentary interior design services, the design experts at Montgomery’s offers everything from helping you pick out the perfect accessories or redesigning your entire home. The investments made in our design teams ensure that you, the customer, are better served no matter which location in South Dakota you shop at. A unique offering that your Montgomery’s designer can assist you with is a 3D design of your space.

Paula K 3D Design Presentation Bedroom Bed Nightstand Dresser Images
Paula K 3D Design Presentation Bedroom Bed Wall

Understanding a client’s everyday life is essential to deciding on the right furniture and renovations. To ensure the designer understands your desire and style, they will ask questions and design mock ups to showcase products so collaboration in your journey is made simple. What makes working with a designer who incorporates 3D design sketches a benefit to you?

  • Enhanced visualization – One of the key advantages for a customer is to see a detailed and realistic representation with a clear preview of how a space will look once renovated or designed. This allows for more informed decision-making, helping you to better articulate your preferences and make adjustments in real time.
  • Collaboration – Additionally, 3D sketches facilitate effective communication between the customer and the designer. This collaboration will lead to a shared vision resulting in a more satisfying home design experience.
  • Reality meets perception – 3D sketches provide a high level of detail, allowing designers to showcase realistic textures, colors and lighting.
  • Before and After Comparisons – Designers can create side by side comparisons of the current space and the proposed design. This visual representation can be compelling and exciting for you to see the transformation at awaits in your home with the help of the team at Montgomery’s.
  • Superior service – With complimentary design services, customers are already receiving more at Montgomery’s. Never pay for design services and have the added value of seeing your home in detail before making final decisions on flooring, lighting, furniture, and window treatments.

No matter your budget, the design team at Montgomery’s can help you find the perfect pieces to make your home comfortable, inviting and authentically you. Get started with a designer at Montgomery’s or shop now at our locations in Sioux Falls, Madison, Aberdeen or Watertown, South Dakota.

3D Bathroom Design by Olivia Niggeling
3D Bathroom Design by Olivia Niggeling
3D Bathroom Design by Olivia Niggeling
Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

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When you step inside a newly built Parade of Homes house, don’t overlook the details.

That’s where the work of Montgomery’s designers shines. You’ll find their signature approach from top to bottom and throughout multiple homes on this year’s Spring Parade of Homes, which runs May 13-14 and May 20-21 and is hosted by the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire.

“Most of the time, we’ve worked on many homes on the Parade event, and this is no exception,” designer Paula Kruetzfeldt said. “Often it begins as working with a builder on a spec home that then progresses to having the house shown on the parade.”

Creation Builders

When a builder builds a home “on spec,” it means there is no immediate buyer. So, Montgomery’s designers are integral in making design selections that are appealing to a wide range of owners.

“When we’re selecting finishes, we’re keeping things neutral with little pops of color, so if by chance the home owner prefers something different it’s easy to switch out,” Kruetzfeldt said. “We keep the home neutral but jazz it up with materials, metals or lighting for more of a wow factor.”

1J Homes

Montgomery’s designers help select everything from flooring to wall coverings, lighting and kitchen finishes.

“We give our contractors the absolute best products possible, while fitting within what their budget allows,” flooring manager Olivia Niggeling said.

1J Homes

“All the products in these homes are extremely high-performing but meet the budget of a home owner who would be shopping within that price point.”

In a Parade of Homes house, visitors are going to see the latest and most current materials on the market.

1J Homes

“We’re continually going to trade shows and bringing back new products to builders before they even get to the store at times, so they will be showing the newest products in their homes,” Kruetzfeldt said.

What does that look like this year? Niggeling is excited for visitors to see the latest in luxury vinyl plank flooring, “which gives a really updated, enhanced look while still having the durability and performance that owners need and expect,” she said.

1J Homes

“We’ll be showing some natural bevel products that are new to the market. I also suggest owners ask about materials. Some luxury vinyl can look like real wood or ceramic, so it’s important to understand what you’re seeing and what your expectations for the product could be.”

Kruetzfeldt recently returned from a lighting market and found “white is really trending in fixtures right now,” she said. “There’s a lot of bigger, bold and gold fixtures. And now because of LED light bulbs and the fact they don’t get hot, we’re seeing a lot of alabaster glass coming back and a lot of milky white. Mixed with gold it’s very classy looking, almost like turning light fixtures into beautiful art.”

Creation Builders

Many Parade visitors are looking to make a statement in their home, “so it’s fun to show how lighting can do that,” she said.

In this Parade home by Creation Builders, the Montgomery’s designers assisted with everything from paint colors to the fireplace surround, the tile back splash, lighting, mirrors and carpet. Plus, they staged the entire home with furniture and accessories.

Creation Builders

“We actually started with a new stain color, which is a unique honey grey color, and we built off of that, paired with some black and white to keep it classic, and had that warm wood color bring it all together,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“Many people don’t realize we work with hardware too, for kitchen cabinets, and we can coordinate that with light fixtures and other design elements in the house. So it really can be almost a complete stop for contractors or home owners to design the entire house. And when we stage with furniture and accessories for the Parade, it’s not uncommon for owners to ultimately go with many of those selections permanently.”

For a look at all four homes Montgomery’s supported on this year’s Parade, click here.

Expert advice

If you’re heading to the Spring Parade of Homes, the Montgomery’s designers have plenty of tips.

Touch and feel

The Parade is your chance to go beyond carpet samples and tiny pieces of tile, so make the most of it.

“Feel it, touch it, stand on it, all the things you can’t get from small samples,” Niggeling said. “Walk on the carpet, on the tile, on the laminate vinyl plank. You might have it in your head what you think something is like, but seeing it in application is a whole different ballgame.”

Ask away

Often, a Montgomery’s designer will be in the Parade home while you browse.

“We love when you ask questions about the performance of the product as it helps us get an idea for your style,” Kruetzfeldt said.

“There’s a lot of beautiful things to look at, and we can make sure we find something that’s within your budget. If we know what you like, you often can either buy that identical item or we can find a budget-friendly alternative.”

Don’t be afraid to dig into the details either, Niggeling added.

“Ask about things like the carpet or flooring’s wearability and traffic, especially if that’s key in your household,” she said. “Ask what type of carpet it is so you’re learning what you like.”

See a lot

With more than 60 homes on this year’s parade, there are options throughout the Sioux Falls area and in all budgets. But ideas can come from any home, so the designers recommend stopping in several.

“We encourage you to see as many Parade homes as you can,” Kruetzfeldt said. “You’ll leave with a better idea of what you like and don’t like, because you’ve actually seen the products.”

To connect with a Montgomery’s designer for your own home design needs, stop in any Montgomery’s store.