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Your Perfect Sleep

Your Perfect Sleep

As humans, we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, which means the furnishings and space we designate to our sleep environment are crucial to our overall happiness and well-being. While a quality mattress is the obvious first-step, elements like neck/body alignment, an allergy-neutral atmosphere, and temperature-control, are all vital factors in an individual’s customized perfect sleep setting.

Pillow selection plays a major roll in overall spinal and body alignment, and luckily, today’s offerings go far beyond the “soft”, “medium” or “firm” options of the past. Today’s technology can not only be tailored to an individuals sleep style (back, side, or stomach sleeper), but customization through addition or subtraction of “comfort layers” allows the sleeper to create the optimum support system, perfectly cradling their head and neck while they rest.

Nearly 1 out of 5 Americans suffer from some form of allergy, and for those individuals, an allergy-blocking mattress /pillow encasement can be the difference between sneezing, wheezing, restlessness, and a good night’s sleep. With the addition of an allergy blocker/mattress protector to the sleep environment, individuals can experience better breathing, while simultaneously protecting their mattress from stains and dust mites, and effectively prolonging the life of their pillows and mattress.

Temperature control is one of the main offenders in preventing a quality night’s slumber. Waking up in the middle of the night from being too hot or cold is an all-too-common occurrence, and one that several mattress makers are hoping to help combat, with new innovative temperature-regulating technology. Beautyrest’s TruEnergy and ComforPedic, Sealy’s Optimum and Serta’s iComfort and iSeries mattresses all feature foam layers infused with cooling gels which help keep a sleeper comfortable as they rest.

Creating the ideal environment for a quality night’s rest starts (but definitely does not end) with the right mattress. Stop in to our Sleep Center for a Rest Test, and our sleep specialists can help customize your perfect sleep!

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