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Your dining room should be well fit for any of entertainment or meal time needs. At our three Montgomery's showrooms in Madison, Watertown and Sioux Falls South Dakota, we carry a vast selection of formal and casual kitchen & dining room furniture. Shop barstools, kitchen islands, buffets, bar carts, dining room tables, arm chairs and side chairs. Our interior designers can design the perfect dining room collection to fit your style. Our products feature endless options for size, material, color, and style. To configure your personal dining room start with the central statement piece, the table. Our collection of kitchen & dining room tables is complete with a range of modern, farmhouse, traditional and transitional styles. Entertain a large or small group with a drop leaf table option. Our tables are always durable, select from a collection of rustic wood or a sturdy glass tables. Compliment your new table with our dining room chairs, featuring a gorgeous selection of Arm Chairs and Side Chairs featuring both leather and upholstered styles. Customize your chair with a magnificent variety of custom colors and fabric and leather finishes. Our dining sets make it easy to add style and set the tone for your kitchen. Shop dining room decor and accent storage to dress up your new dining room. Provide both style and space with a large selection of modern and traditional buffets, bar carts, benches, sideboards and accent cabinetry. Last but not least, our barstools are available for purchase with a variety of upholstered and leather options. Pick the right barstool for your bar or kitchen area, from a low backless barstool or a tall bar height stool. Find the perfect in-between with a large selection of counter height stools. Select your barstool's features from swivel, footrests, adjustable height and more. We are confident that with our free delivery options, consistent saving options and dining sets on sale, you will find your perfect fit! If you're looking anywhere to purchase kitchen & dining room furniture, look no further! Shop online or in one of our three stores in Sioux Falls, Madison, & Watertown South Dakota.


Don't Cut Corners

 To be able to fit an office into your small space you must become a master at utilizing the most out of your space! Finding a small nook desk is the easy part, but finding this nook in your home can be a little bit more challenging. Even the tiniest of nooks can be rearranged to fit in a desk and a chair.  Sometimes, the desk will be the only thing you can squeeze. Don't stop here! Think tall not wide! Open walls can be just as valuable as bare floors. Floating shelves are very inexpensive and can be easily installed to hold a variety of office supplies, not to mention decor!  Small nooks can be easily hidden by hanging some sheer curtains.

Storage Savy

We all fall head over heels for a piece of accent furniture that is stunning and also comes along with spacious storage features. Some of us though, can get a little carried away. These spacious pieces usually are larger than other regular furniture, causing more space to be used in the apartment in the long run. If you have a nightstand, ottoman, side tables, etc., all with storage features, do you think you are actually using all of them? For myself, I realized I had some things stored here and some things stored there. Take a look at your space and get rid of furniture that you don't  necessarily need. For example, if you have an accent table that has a few drawers full of things, transfer those materials to other storage spaces with room (dresser, closet, nightstand) now you can make space for an office desk!

The Entryway Exception

Instead of the expected chest or console table (which is usually unneeded storage space). Find a small office desk with a great accent chair to cozy up and make the entry more inviting. I myself have been obsessing with accent chairs and look for any opportunity to fit them into my space.

White for the Win

Compact spaces are the most likely to look cluttered quickly. Sticking with light tones will help to make your small nook look clean and more balanced. Need more pop?  Break the monotony of white by adding a patterned wallpaper or floor tiles but stick to the same family of colours.

Kitchen Kozy


Everyone loves a nice open kitchen, but adding a small office will not close yours off! You can still add a small office to your kitchen and keep a great open feeling. Look for the dead space and walls in your kitchen. Here you can repurpose some of your kitchen storage and shelves to be double-duty. A lot of us keep calendars, to do lists and more in our kitchen, why not fit int the rest of your work here?! Some of your kitchen storage may not be fully utilized, see where you can reorganize your area to feature both office and kitchen elements. 

Current Montgomery's office obsessions 🗄📎

Side Note:

The List of Essentials that I provide is my personal style "steals". I choose style steals that can be budget friendly "quick grabs" to design your space. While I do try to choose style steals that are good quality, please keep in mind that these are inexpensive products and purchasing great quality furniture it always more recommended and better in the long run. 

That's all for now...

The Montgomery's team and myself hope that this helps you create a  plan to add a small home office you have always wanted!  Did we miss something? Got questions? Ask below! OR personally email me at I will be happy to direct you for your styling needs, our design team here is quite impressive! We want to know what you guys want to talk about! Let us know what you would like to see/read next. 

We LOVE talking everything furniture and design, lets start a conversation and find inspiration together! 

SmartStrand: The carpet built for elephants

SmartStrand: The carpet built for elephants

Here at Montgomery's, we are very selective when choosing products to supply to our customers. So when Mohawk flooring claimed their SmartStrand carpet was built to hold elephants, I had to dig in. Just how good could this carpet be? Check out what I found below. 

What is SmartStrand?

First, let's cover the basics of what this technology is and what it claims. 

-In SmartStrand Silk, each strand of carpet is packed with 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. That's 3X more individual fibers than found in traditional nylon carpet.

  • Proven superior durability
  • Permanent, inherent stain resistance
  • Nanoloc™ Spill & Soil Shield for easy cleanup
  • Protected against pet odors and accidents
  • All Pet Protection & Warranty

Back to the Elephants

So how can Mohawk claim that this carpet is durable enough for elephants and zoo animals?  They went all out and actually tested it. 

Mohawk installed both SmartStrand Silk and a competitive premium soft nylon in the Birmingham zoo enclosure of Max the Rhino. After two weeks with a 5,400-pound rhinoceros, both carpets were covered with more than just mud.

After a thorough professional cleaning, the nylon soft carpet showed signs of matting, crushing, and stains. Only the SmartStrand Silk carpet released stains and remained beautiful, once again proving that SmartStrand is the most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.

In conclusion, it can withhold messy zoo animals, but what about a house of adventurous kids?

Kids: The true test

Blogger Emily Clark, recently posted her recent blog onto Pinterest reviewing the SmartStrand Carpet. After moving into their new home, her kids had destroyed her carpet in a matter of two weeks. After installing SmartStrand, Emily tested messy ice cream sundaes on the new Mohawk carpet. 

After her kids had finished their sundaes Emily claimed:

"Besides the whole stain-resistant thing, the best benefit for me was that I could “chill out” and not be so worried about every bite that was spilled.  And, that’s always more fun for everyone.

We actually did have a few spots on the carpet after it was all said and done.  And, as promised, it came right out with warm water and a little liquid dish detergent."

Read Emily's full blog here


Mother Approved

Pet & Elephant Approved

Favorite SmartStrand Swatches

We carry limitless options and colors of SmartStrand carpet at all Montgomery's locations. Here are a few named favorites of mine for inspiration. Find a designer to install SmartStrand here

That's all for now!

I would love to speak further with you about home inspiration or any questions you have, comment below! -Abby

Spring Preparation for your Home

Spring Preparation for your Home

If you are anything like us here in South Dakota then you are more than ready for warmer weather and sunshine. Is your house ready for Spring? Has your space been hoarding items and fuzzies from the winter? Either way, there is a new season coming and it's time to freshen up and boost your living space!

Decoration: faux greenery & flowers.

Spring is the season of blossoming trees and gorgeous flowers. Embrace the beautiful season by adding some greenery to your space. Everyone loves fresh roses, but let's face it, they are EXPENSIVE. Aside from cost, fresh flowers only last around a week with a dirty vase and mess to follow. Check out your local Micheals,  or arts & crafts store. You can purchase faux greenery for just a few nickels and dimes. To spruce it up some more, add some mason jars or vases that fit your style.

Looking for long-lasting luxe decor? Shop here.

Lighting: letting in more sparkle.

Cleaning your windows can make a HUGE difference on the space you walk into. As spring approaches, so does more daylight so take advantage. Start by washing the insides of your windows followed by the outside. This will ensure your glass is glistening from top to bottom.

If you are really looking to spice up your windows, shop our window fashions here.

Furniture: rearrange and then rearrange some more!

During the cold season, people tend to arrange their sofas and seating around the fireplace. This Spring, try rearranging your furniture to face the windows to soak up the sun.

Dockside Collection Shop here

Organization: it's time to declutter.

Many people who suffer from allergies, struggle as Spring approaches. Decluttering is your new best friend this allergy season!  Go through your closets, drawers, and get rid of items that you don't need. The less stuff in your house, the fewer places for allergens to hang out. The less clutter you have, the more organized you will feel.



Photo courtesy of Health Freedoms.

Cleaning: It's time to face those dreaded spaces.

What dreaded spaces are we referring to? The cleaning room, the storage closet, the mud room, etc. Cleaning these spaces is far from fun, but can make a world of difference when deep cleaning your home for spring. Clean your walls with a non-toxic cleaner, scrub away molding on pipes, and inspect water pipes for leaks.

Check your ventilation fans. Make sure that they are routed to the outside, and run them for 30 minutes after a shower or bath.

Not sure what products to use to clean? Check out 30 Best Spring Cleaning Products Here

Blog By: Abby Merschman

Find a complimentary interior designer here

The iComfort Hype

The iComfort Hype

Getting enough sleep doesn’t just feel good; it’s a fundamental element of overall health and well-being. Both the mental and physical benefits of sleep are numerous, with a growing body of research continuing to underscore this point. Investing in an optimally designed sleep environment is central to achieving quality sleep, and it starts with the proper mattress and base.

Getting enough sleep doesn’t just feel good; it’s a fundamental element of overall health and well-being. Both the mental and physical benefits of sleep are numerous, with a growing body of research continuing to underscore this point. Investing in an optimally designed sleep environment is central to achieving quality sleep, and it starts with the proper mattress and base.

Technology has become integral to offerings in sleep products, creating significant advancements in recent years. Providing solutions born out of improved engineering, superior materials like cooling fabrics have raised the bar on achieving comfort.
Shopping for a mattress can easily become an exhausting exercise, as the available options on the market continue to proliferate. However, the newest technology from Serta, the Comfort Point Discovery System (CPDS), isn’t just superior in its quality – it simplifies the shopping experience as well. Mattress First by Montgomery’s is the exclusive retailer offering this system in the upper Midwest, with models in the Sioux Falls, Watertown and Madison locations.
The Serta CPDS utilizes proprietary technology to identify preferences and pinpoint what comfort means to you. This narrows the field of contenders in your mattress search, making it possible to quickly and accurately determine the best fit.
To get a read on your ideal sleep haven, a visit to the showroom is a must. Take the time to test out the Serta CPDS, where a quick minute to lie back offers a view of the 4000+ pressure points identified in the interactive process of selecting your mattress. A sleep specialist will get to know you and your typical sleep positions, using that information to further customize your options – right down to a pillow uniquely matched to your needs.
You’ll be guided through the five different comfort levels the Serta CPDS has to offer, varying in firmness achieved through air chambers contained within the mattress. A simple numeric identifier is assigned to the winning combination that best suits you. Each mattress on the Mattress First by Montgomery’s showroom floor is labeled according to the corresponding comfort levels evaluated using the Serta CPDS – which means you’re given a clear set of options corresponding to your needs.
With the help of technology and a trained professional, you’re more likely to find the right mattress, and without wasting time. A quick and easy process will lead you to higher quality sleep and all its associated benefits. At Mattress First we’re confident in our full selection of products, as well as our ability to help you achieve sleep health. To solidify this commitment, our 365 Night Sleep Promise ensures you’ve found the right fit – and if not, you’ve got a year to choose a new mattress.
Step into a Mattress First by Montgomery’s and get the rest you deserve.
How to Create a Romantic Haven

How to Create a Romantic Haven

Turn your Bedroom into a Haven

Your home is a true reflection of you and your way of life. It is important to invest in yourself and over-all health. Taking pride in your home and space should be one of the biggest priorities in life. Once you invest in your sanctuary, watch how your life unfolds.

The Romantic Style

As Valentines Day approaches,  we wanted to focus on a very popular interior style; romance. Coming home with your partner to a romantic retreat to relax in and feel nurtured after a long day tingles everyone’s senses. If you are single, practice self-love by creating your own personal haven.  Always come home to a space of bliss and comfort.

What is Romantic Style?
Most assume romantic style sticks to feminine fluff and frill but a romantic bedroom can be designed without just sticking to feminine themes. Furniture follows more of a traditional style, many pieces used in the romantic setting are rustic and vintage instead of sleek and contemporary. Incorporating soft colors, sheer curtains, and layers upon layers of blankets and is where romantic interior style finds it’s home.

Setting the Mood

Adding a relaxed mood to your space can be easily done with a couple of small changes and additions.

  • Candles
  • String Lights
  • Flowers
  • Pictures of your loved ones
  • Canopy Beds

Color Palettes

This is a great opportunity to incorporate what some refer to as the ice cream palette i.e. strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. The key is to incorporate light and pale shades. Don’t quickly flee to red, while this color does symbolize love, red can be quite overpowering. Save bright and loud colors for accent colors to compliment creams and blushes.


Avoid strong and large lighting techniques. Instead of having one harsh overhead light, incorporate various lighting techniques with medium strength, you will be surprised just how elegant this looks. If you choose a pretty chandelier over your bed, add some bedside lamps and candles to incorporate the romantic semi-darkness mood. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous chandelier or a small lamp to add that extra glow to your nightstand, Montgomery’s has options for whatever concept you’d like to see come to light.


Unlike sleek contemporary styles,  romantic style encourages the layering of  blankets and pillows. Find pillows that match your color scheme and throw as many as you’d like on top of your bed. Layer cozy comforters and blankets with various textures. Playing with different types of bedding can be fun and the variety is endless!


Not only do silk pieces feel great but look even better in your elegant space. Instead of spending a ton on silk sheets that are mostly hidden anyways, try some silk curtains and windows fashions. A number of silk and sheer curtains can be found at our Montgomery’s locations.

Sleep Through the Whole Night…You Deserve It

Sleep Through the Whole Night…You Deserve It

Sick of waking up constantly during the night? Sick of getting 10 hours sleep and still waking up tired? We have some sleep hacks to start improving your beauty rest as soon as tonight…

So, how much sleep do we actually need?

Before we get into our hacks lets understand why sleep is so important. Let’s face it, it’s not your fault if you feel forgetful and unfocused at work. Your mind could be blurred by the lack of sleep. Studies have shown getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night improves work attendance and concentration. Why? According to the National Sleep Organization, the memories we take in during the day is transferred to our long-term memory while we sleep. Not getting enough sleep decreases your cognitive performance.


Control the last hour of your day.

We all know a person that closes their eyes and is snoring two minutes later. Unfortunately, for most us, it takes a little more time.  The last hour of your day, take control and start to power down.  Experts recommend relieving stress for the following day. How?  Create a to-do list and schedule out your day. Lay out what you will wear and even plan what meals you will consume.

Avoid technology 20 mins before sleeping.

In the last twenty minutes before hitting the lights off, find a soothing activity to calm down your brain. Studies have shown that being exposed to the light of our phones, tablets and computers prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies it’s nighttime.

Check out your mattress.

An old mattress is one of the main reason you can’t stop waking up during the night.  Stressed during the day? Your stress levels dramatically increase when sleep on that mattress you’ve had since high school. A recent experiment found that 49 participant’s stress & pain levels decreased after sleeping on a new firm mattress for a month. Aside from stress, dead skin cells and dust mites accumulated in old mattresses can cause severe allergies and chronic coughs. When should you invest in a new mattress? If your mattress is over seven years old, it is time to look into an upgrade.

Regulate your sleep schedule.

Most of us look forward to sleeping in on the weekends and catch up on some much-needed “zzzzzzs.”  Unfortunately, this is actually making you more tired. Try to fall asleep and wake up around the same two hours every day. If you wake up at 6 a.m. during the week and not until 11 o’clock on the weekends, your body is constantly trying to adjust its internal clock. Come Monday morning, your body feels as if it’s traveled between time zones, making you even more tired and groggy.

Save your bed for sleep only.

Too many people do a number of things in bed other than sleep, watching tv, working on your computer, etc. Your body will fail to produce melatonin when it doesn’t understand the difference between night and day. Save your day-time activities for another room instead of disturbing your much-needed slumber. You should also remove all devices that could beep or buzz during the night.   The only things included in your bed should be beauty sleep related.

Need more expertise on sleep or your mattress? Check out Mattress 1st or come into our store to speak with our professionals about creating your perfect sleep sanctuary, you deserve it!

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