FREE 3D design modeling creates visual representation of your room

February 2024

Complimentary design has always been a service offered by the talented team of designers at Montgomery’s. Whether you’re shopping at our location in Sioux Falls, Madison, Watertown or Aberdeen, the design team is always there to help bring the Whole Home Experience to reality. The Whole Home Experience is more than just providing a large selection of the best quality furniture, flooring, window treatments, lighting, and accessories for your entire home. It helps you create a comfortable and beautiful space that you and your family can truly live in.

Paula K 3D Design Presentation Bedroom Aerial View

Through our complimentary interior design services, the design experts at Montgomery’s offers everything from helping you pick out the perfect accessories or redesigning your entire home. The investments made in our design teams ensure that you, the customer, are better served no matter which location in South Dakota you shop at. A unique offering that your Montgomery’s designer can assist you with is a 3D design of your space.

Paula K 3D Design Presentation Bedroom Bed Nightstand Dresser Images
Paula K 3D Design Presentation Bedroom Bed Wall

Understanding a client’s everyday life is essential to deciding on the right furniture and renovations. To ensure the designer understands your desire and style, they will ask questions and design mock ups to showcase products so collaboration in your journey is made simple. What makes working with a designer who incorporates 3D design sketches a benefit to you?

  • Enhanced visualization – One of the key advantages for a customer is to see a detailed and realistic representation with a clear preview of how a space will look once renovated or designed. This allows for more informed decision-making, helping you to better articulate your preferences and make adjustments in real time.
  • Collaboration – Additionally, 3D sketches facilitate effective communication between the customer and the designer. This collaboration will lead to a shared vision resulting in a more satisfying home design experience.
  • Reality meets perception – 3D sketches provide a high level of detail, allowing designers to showcase realistic textures, colors and lighting.
  • Before and After Comparisons – Designers can create side by side comparisons of the current space and the proposed design. This visual representation can be compelling and exciting for you to see the transformation at awaits in your home with the help of the team at Montgomery’s.
  • Superior service – With complimentary design services, customers are already receiving more at Montgomery’s. Never pay for design services and have the added value of seeing your home in detail before making final decisions on flooring, lighting, furniture, and window treatments.

No matter your budget, the design team at Montgomery’s can help you find the perfect pieces to make your home comfortable, inviting and authentically you. Get started with a designer at Montgomery’s or shop now at our locations in Sioux Falls, Madison, Aberdeen or Watertown, South Dakota.

3D Bathroom Design by Olivia Niggeling
3D Bathroom Design by Olivia Niggeling
3D Bathroom Design by Olivia Niggeling