We are proud of our showrooms and understand why you would desire to have your images created within them. Please understand that our primary priority is to our customers, and requests are approved individually.

Photography in Montgomery’s showroom is by permission only and subject to the following guidelines. Due to insurance reasons, amateur photographers are not permitted. Insured professional photographers are welcome to apply.


  • Completed applications must be submitted two weeks before your requested shoot date.
  • You cannot use the images for commercial purposes without prior written permission.
  • You may not photograph Montgomery’s staff, customers, or documents without prior written permission.
  • May not interfere with Montgomery’s business or events.
  • May not move any items in the showroom.
  • Shoots can last no longer than 60 minutes.
  • May not block any exits.
  • Montgomery’s shall receive appropriate location credit for any commercially published photographs.
  • Photographer/Agency is responsible for any damages to Montgomery’s merchandise or property.
  • Evidence of Insurance: Must submit to Montgomery’s an insurance certificate for $1 million coverage of liability and property damage naming Montgomery’s as additional insured.
  • Montgomery’s reserves the right to request reciprocal use, for in-house publications or online dissemination, of images created that include any parts of Montgomery’s properties. The photographer shall retain the copyright of the images.