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Upholstery Furniture Care
  • Move furniture occasionally to ensure even wear and to reduce the chance of sun fading.
  • Rotate cushions and ottomans frequently
  • Keep furniture away from direct sun.
  • Keep in mind that pets are hard on fabrics and body oils and stains from accidents are difficult to remove.
  • Vacuum frequently using the drapery/upholstery attachment.
  • Keep upholstery away from heat registers whenever possible.
  • To clean liquid spills or surface soil:
  • BLOT – Don’t Rub!
  • Use a clean, white, absorbent 100% cotton cloth
  • Never use a colored rag or paper!
  • Never use cleaning solutions or hot water without consulting a professional cleaning service.
Wood Furniture Care
  • Dust frequently with a dry or barely damp soft, clean cloth.
  • Do not use silicone based polishes.
  • Clean up spills right away.  Use blotting action rather than wiping action.
  • Use coasters and placemats when necessary.
  • Avoid placing furniture in direct sun.
  • Maintain even humidity throughout your home.
  • Keep your furniture away from heat registers, radiators and air conditioning units.
  • Place felt pads on all accessories to protect the surface from scratching.
  • Use table pads and table cloths with hot dishes.
  • When moving objects, lift and place them.  Do not drag them across the surface.
  • Use a pad under your paper when writing or using a ball point pen.
  • Consult a professional to make any repairs.
Leather Furniture Care
  • Do not place leather furniture in direct sunlight or next to heat registers.
  • Avoid placing printed materials on leather.  Ink can transfer and leave a stain.
  • Use a clean white cloth to dust every week or two to prevent buildup of regular household soil.
  • For more thorough cleaning use a damp (not wet), soft white cloth to wipe the leather surface clean.
  • To clean oil stains on leather, use a dry cloth.  Do not use soap or water to clean oil stains!
  • Finally, clean your leather furniture every 5-6 months with a mild leather cleaner.
  • After cleaning apply a protective leather cream to keep it soft and supple.
Rug Care
  • Use a high quality rug mat
  • Slight color variations are common in handmade rugs
  • Wool rugs will shed, however this will subside over time
  • Vacuum regularly with out a beater bar. You may also use a broom or manual sweeper
  • Refrain from vacuuming the edges of the rug
  • Clean spills immediately by blotting and not rubbing
  • Do not use bleach or solvents


Refer to your guidelines as each type of fiber may have special requirements

Tile Care
  • Sweep, dust, vacuum or wipe down your tile regularly to remove the accumulation of dirt and grit
  • Use a damp mop or steam mop at least once a week on tile floors
  • Do not leave excess water standing on tile
  • Do not use detergent or soap
  • Do not use cleaners that contain acids, vinegar, chlorines or ammonia. These can cause damage and discolor the grout or surface.
Carpet Flooring Care
  • Vacuum frequently, especially in high traffic areas
  • Use mats at doorways to capture a majority of the soil
  • Promptly attend to spots and stains
  • Periodically clean with a hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method
Harwood Flooring Care
  • Use a soft cloth to blot spills and stains as soon as they happen
  • Use entry mats to capture the majority of the soil
  • Use floor protectors on your furniture feet and under rolling chairs
  • Do not allow liquids to stand on your hardwood floor
  • Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners
  • Do not use oil-based, wax, polish or ammoniated products
  • Do not use a buffing machine
  • Do not wash or wet-mop the floor with soap, water, oil-soap detergent or other liquid cleaning material.
Mattress Care
  • Select the correct foundation to support your mattress
  • Rotate your mattress from heel to toe unless your manufacturer states otherwise
  • Discourage jumping on beds
  • Use mattress protectors/pads
  • Regularly vacuum using the upholstery brush
  • Let your new mattress breathe before placing the sheets on it
  • Never bend your mattress, carry it upright when moving
Window Fashions Care
  • Regularly dust with non-magnetic cleaners, a can of compressed air or hair dryer
  • Vacuum gently if your product allows
  • If spot cleaning allows use a mild detergent with no additives or abrasives and a clean white cloth