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Jimmy Diaz Customer Service Manager


Customer Service & IT Manager

“At Montgomery’s, we take pride in providing our valued customers the best customer service possible. I enjoy being part of a team that does that continuously, from the initial interaction in one of our amazing stores to after the items are delivered. My top priority is building a solid relationship with the customer, resolving any problem they may bring to my attention, and ensuring they are happy. I will go the extra mile to ensure our customer is happy with their overall experience with Montgomery’s; if they are unhappy, I am not happy.”

With our Team of Coordinators and Technicians, we strive to ensure your experience with Montgomery’s is great and that you continue to do business with us for years to come. We take pride in providing our valued customers the best customer experience possible. Feel free to contact us with any concern, big or small. You can buy with confidence because customer service is our priority.

Repaired Table BEFORE
Repaired Table AFTER

A client recently purchased a table and had an absolute tragedy occur when they brought it home. Our service team was contacted, and while this is not a warranty service, our repair team brought life back to this piece. This is what service after the sale looks like. We don’t just sell you stuff. We are your partner through it all.

(Notice: not all repairs can be completed. The client will assume all charges required if non-warranty repairs are needed/requested.)