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Anastasia with her Dogs

Anastasia Duin

Design Consultant and Independent Design Partner


605-332-4400 ext. 310

Anastasia is not new to the interior design world, or Montgomery’s for that matter. Ana returned to Montgomery’s in 2021, having worked as an independent designer and running an online jewelry boutique. With experience as a realtor, she has an uncommon knowledge of purchasing a home and redecorating it to your style. Having enjoyed the experience of living in other countries and experiencing their cultural styles provides Ana with a unique touch to her design style. She also studied design at the London School of Trends online, which provided her with the fundamentals and nuances of interior design. She understands her client’s needs to create an inviting space that also stands up to everyday life. She also takes inspiration from her own life and spends time with family and her two Goldendoodles. She’s an avid nature fan and enjoys everything outdoors – including skydiving!

Anastasia's Portfolio