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Design Consultant

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Brooke’s love for design and décor is inspired by all styles and eras. Why just pick one when you can pick them all?! She likes to start with a neutral base followed by a color scheme, then accessorizing with many variations of that color(s) no matter the style.

Classic/Traditional, Country/Rustic, Modern/Transitional, Retro/Contemporary…. She loves them all!

Spending her days helping clients transform their spaces is work she describes as a chance to be herself and have fun. Brooke brings that enthusiasm to every project she undertakes. Her favorite projects start with a sentimental piece the client already has, and then building an entire room around that object. She loves the opportunity to create something unconventional, relishing the fact that there are no rules to design. She likes to be challenged with unique rooms and style preferences. She takes great pride in working to deliver her clients vision.

“The most important part of my job,

 is ensuring you love your space.”

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Growing up, if her parents left for an evening out they often returned to a rearranged house and even joked “She likes to make things pretty.” While her Grandparents will tell you it is an obsession as holidays at their home would end with slight rearranging and sometimes stretch to a full-on paint and wallpaper proposals.

Brooke’s career in the home furnishings and décor industry started in 2012 at The House of Dreams and Décor. Where she worked for slightly over a year absorbing as much knowledge as possible, and even accompanied the owner on several purchasing trips.

In 2013 she joined the Montgomery’s Team, where she could really embrace the whole home experience. In Spring of 2016 she and her mom created a painting business where she can fully employ her knowledge of color and accents. The very next year saw Brooke breaking into homeownership. Going from designing spaces for clients to creating her own unique home was a step into a deeper understanding of her clients. 

“Designing beautiful & functional spaces is my dream.”

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