Brooke Nelson

Design Consultant

If Brooke Nelson was left home alone as a kid, her parents usually came back to a house they didn’t recognize.

“I rearranged things all the time,” Brooke says. “She likes to make things pretty, they would joke.”

Her grandparents called it an obsession. “Holidays at their house always ended with a slight rearranging and sometimes stretched to a full-on paint and wallpaper proposal.”

Brooke didn’t know it at the time, but she was training for her future. Today, she’s a designer at Montgomery’s in Watertown – a position she’s held since 2013.

“Designing beautiful and functional spaces is my dream,” Brooke says, “and this is my dream career.”

But for Brooke, life as a designer is about more than just fulfilling her dream. It’s making her clients’ dreams come true as she helps them transform their spaces.

Brooke’s favorite projects start with a sentimental piece the client already has, and then building an entire room around that object. Design, after all, is personal.

She loves the opportunity to create something unconventional and relishes the fact that there are no rules to design. “I like to be challenged with unique rooms and style preferences,” she says. “I take great pride in working to delivery my clients’ vision.”

That vision also means sticking to her clients’ budgets.

“We all want the most for our money – me included,” Brooke says. “The conversation of budget and project expectations is best had up front. That way we can be mindful of both throughout the process.”

Then, the focus is back to design.

Brooke’s love for design and décor is inspired by all styles and eras. “Why just pick one when you can pick them all?” she asks.

Project: Neutral Glow

Angie has a big family and they like to spend a lot of time together. We made sure there was room in the dining, kitchen and sitting area all conjoined in one big room so they could spend time together.

Brooke Nelson

Project: Hunter's Retreat

No matter what the style, Brooke says, she likes to start with a neutral base, layering color on top. “Holding true to a color theme ensures flow between styles, allowing you to mix and match all of your favorite pieces into one beautiful palette,” Brooke says.

She always likes to add something green to a room. It’s one of her favorite colors. But more than that, green is a versatile neutral. “Use grasses, branches, and natural foliage to add warmth to any room,” Brooke says. “It’s easy and guaranteed to flow with whatever your theme.”

But Brooke’s favorite part of any room is always the finishing touches. “Don’t forget to accessorize!”