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Carly Ellsworth


Designer & Manager of Outside Design Projects


When Carly Ellsworth was a kid, she redecorated her room on a regular basis. “I changed it around based on how I felt at the time,” she says. So it’s no surprise that today Carly makes a living helping people design their own spaces. “Interior design is ingrained in who I am,” she says. “I’ve done it all my life.”

Carly always knew she wanted to be a designer, but getting a business degree seemed safer, she says. At Montgomery’s, Carly is able to combine a love for design with a brain for business. “It allows me to blend what I know with who I am,” she says.”

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About Carly

As manager of outside design, Carly works with contractors and their clients. But she’s equally comfortable working with homeowners. “I am love working with a variety of clients on both large and small scale projects,” she says.

No matter what the project, Carly always starts the design process the same way: a catalyst item. What’s a catalyst item? “It could be anything from an item to a feeling,” Carly says. “It’s one thing that the homeowner loves, and we build off that.” The catalyst item allows Carly to start a project in an abstract mindset. “Then, I break it down piece by piece with a logical approach. … I am creating a room for someone and know they will be here every day. For that reason I try to understand them completely and determine what will make their project most fulfilling.”

Beyond the catalyst item, Carly draws inspiration from everything around her. “I’m inspired by other artists,” she says. “I love looking at other rooms/designs and analyzing what I would do differently and also what I like and how it makes you feel.”

Carly excels at designing rooms in any style, but she’s drawn to the transitional look. “You can bring the best of every design style into transitional,” she says. “It’s an easy way to capture someone’s style. You can bring in pieces that they love as well as what they inspire to have.” Her best advice? “Never neglect a window treatment,” says Carly, who is Hunter Douglas certified. “They are worth every penny. They make the room.”

Carly’s personal style is a marriage between minimalism and homey. She likes to blend simple pieces with organic textures to create a welcoming and modern space. Never one to shy away from bold, Carly tends to add one or two “wow” statements in her own decorating. Her own kitchen features black modern cabinets with rich, warm wood floors. As a mom of two young boys, Carly understands the need to balance durability with style. “It was important for me to have beautiful pieces that could withstand everyday family use on a budget.”

No matter what style a client likes, Carly recommends following your favorite designers on Instagram and Pinterest. “That way, you can begin to understand what style you like.” Carly especially likes Studio McGee and HGTV’s Emily Henderson and the Boise Boys. “I love when clients bring in ideas, but I’m glad they come to me because I can make those Pinterest dreams a reality,” Carly says.

Design Favorites

• Mixing organic and modern pieces
• Window treatments make the space
• Multifunctional furniture
• Wow statement pieces liking lighting or amazing tile
• Love getting to know my clients so I can help them create a home they love!

"When we built our twin home in Sioux Falls I knew from past experiences that I could put my trust in Montgomery's to help me make decisions that would give our home the look and feel we would love! What I didn't know at the time was the friendship I would make in the process! From the moment I was introduced to Carly Ellsworth I could feel her desire to help me, not push me, into making smart decisions that would bring my ideas to life! Carly is such a gifted designer...her ideas are amazing! One of the most important things to me is that she listens and lets me take the lead...she guides me and uses her designer knowledge to make sure those ideas are the best for our home. She has visited our home on more than one occasion so she could get a feel for what colors, fabrics, textures and style choices would look the best. We work together through each decision. I also have complete trust in her to come up with ideas when I have no clear thoughts of what I would like. Without hesitation I have come to depend on her extraordinary talent . I highly recommend Montgomery's Furniture if you are looking for quality and unique items and Carly Ellsworth will ensure you make excellent design decisions to make your home look and feel just RIGHT!"
Audrey S.