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Jaime Endres

Design Consultant
605-886-5000 ext. 204

Jaime Endres was born to be a designer.

Some of her earliest memories take place in the furniture store her grandfather founded. “I was born and raised in home furnishings,” Jaime says.

So it only makes sense that Jaime would gravitate toward a career in interior design.

Jaime’s design education was hands-on from day one as she worked closely beside her parents in the family-owned store.

Trained on more than merely furniture and aesthetics, Jaime learned that building a relationship can make a friendship. This customer-focused philosophy that hasn’t wavered in the six year she’s been with Montgomery’s.

Jaime approaches each design project with energy and enthusiasm. She likes to help her clients hone in on one piece they can build upon. “Find a piece of art, fabric or rug to design a room around,” she says.

From there, inspiration comes from anywhere – literally. Jaime draws on what she has seen while traveling, but also the trends she spots in home design magazines, Pinterest and Houzz researching the patterns, color palettes and ideas she loves to bring to her work.

Jaime’s flair for the eclectic means anything goes. “I like a mix of old and new,” she says. “It works as long as the room flows.”

And it works as long as her clients are happy. That thoughtful approach has always guided Jaime’s process of creating a shared vision with her clients, and she shares in the thrill of seeing the finished product.