Jill Hanneman

Interior Designer

Three is Jill Hanneman’s lucky number – at least when it comes to design

No matter what the project, Jill always likes to follow the rule of three – the design principle that dictates the layout, size, shape and placement of objects in a room.

The rule of three “helps lead the eye around the room and helps create balance in a space,” Jill says. If you are accessorizing, for instance, “use three things that are different heights to help with the balance and flow to help keep the eye moving.” 

It’s a simple design trick, Jill says, but when combined with her degree in interior design, can be very effective to helping customers create the space of their dreams.

Jill’s favorite design style is transitional. “It’s such a versatile and timeless style that you can do just about anything with it to create a very clean and simple space.”

Pinterest and Houzz provide a lot of online inspiration for Jill and her clients. “I always like to keep things fresh for my clients,” she says. But her job is more than just helping people pick out the right furniture.


“I offer my clients so much more,” Jill says. “It’s also about placing the furniture where it works well.” That’s where the rule of three comes in to play.


And if a client wants to do a full house remodel, Jill is the designer to call. “I would be more than happy to assist them through their project, knowing that they are in good hands.”

The time she spends with her clients is Jill’s favorite part of the job.

“Being connected well with my client is very important,” Jill says. “Allowing for trust in the process is important, but so is following up so that the clients know that they are important to me.”