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Kaia Staatz

Interior Designer & Lighting Specialist
605-332-4400 ext. 302

Kaia has always had a passion for design. She fulfilled her lifelong dream when she completed her degree in Interior Design from Minnesota. She has over 10 years of design experience and has expertise in everything from custom furniture, flooring and windows, to lighting and commercial office furniture.When is comes to the interior design process, Kaia puts great value in the relationship building with her clients. Getting to know them at the start of design process plays a key part in her ability to make her clients’ ideas a reality.Kaia is also passionate about lighting and how it can create just the right mood. “The perfect light fixtures can really make the space.”

About Kaia

“It’s when we are inspired that we produce our best work.”

“Kaia keeps up on the latest trends in color and design to give her inspiration for projects both large and small. She uses Pinterest to spark her creativity, and builds boards featuring a variety of different design styles.

Having a panache for organizing, Kaia makes sure that things are in the right place. “There is just something about a well-planned space where things have a purpose,” she explains. Kaia is passionate about the project management portion of the design process. She prides herself on making sure things all stay on track for the client, from start to finish.

Her design tips include: pay attention to all the details of the space; every room can benefit from accessories; mix up the old and the new; and use a fun accent color throughout your space along with a graphic print of pattern.”

Design Favorites

• Modern Farmhouse