Kaylie W SF Design Consultant

Kaylie Wynthein

Design Consultant


605-332-4400 ext. 361

Kaylie brings forth positive energy wherever she goes, especially regarding her work as a design consultant at Montgomery’s. “It brings me great joy helping my clients create a space they love, one they can truly look at and say, this feels like home.” For Kaylie, any project is exciting, whether it’s contemporary, traditional, mid-century modern, you name it. “When someone walks in with a specific style in mind, it allows me to create something unique for the client that also satisfies their vision.” Playing with different fabric options and colors is one of Kaylie’s favorite parts when starting a project.

Kaylie’s creativity and desire to bring her clients’ dreams to reality stem from her degree in advertising from South Dakota State University and growing up with a mother who, too, is immersed in the design world. You can be confident that with Kaylie as your designer, her passion will shine through in her work.

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