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Michele Latham

Senior Interior Designer


605-332-4400 ext. 320

Michele always knew she wanted to be an interior designer. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the University of Northern Iowa and understands the history of interiors and the styles and eras that have evolved. She has been a designer at Montgomery’s since 2013.

Michele tends to gravitate toward a global, transitional, eclectic look. “I like color and high contrast,” she says. “I like to have some fun, unique items throughout, and I love natural elements such as raw woods and metals.

Featured in 2022 April/May issue of Sioux Falls Woman magazine. View Here.

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About Michele

For inspiration, Michele most often turns to Pinterest. “If I need to see what something looks like, a corner fireplace or small nook area, for instance, then I go there to see if I can find a layout that I have in mind, but need to see in use.”

But she’s just as inspired by a walk around Montgomery’s. “The store, the designers, the looks we carry – it’s all so inspiring,” she says. “I also love to look through our catalogues and websites.”

Her favorite aspect of her work is meeting new people with tastes different than her own, yet still being able to use her knowledge to revamp their spaces.

A beautifully designed home, after all, should reflect its owners and the memories they’ve made – not whatever is trending today. “I like classic pieces to be the staple of the space and have some fun, trendy, stylish items throughout,” she says.

“I want to give my customers the best I can and I respect their budget,” Michele says. “I want to give them a functional, yet beautiful space that they love.”

Design Favorites

Use greenery – it always warms a space.
Hang art at eye level.
Stay classic on big or more expensive items. They won’t be changed as often.
A white ceiling will keep a room fresh. Paint an accent wall or tray ceiling to add interest.
Windows always need treatments.
Wallpaper looks great in a powder room.

"Michele was wonderful and so patient with me as I stewed about minor details. But it was worth it because I loved how everything turned out! I never could have come up with the selection on my own and I love how she kept everything to my taste but offered a few opportunities to stretch it I so desired. Would happily work with her again!"
Erica R.