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Renee Web

Renee Heitman

Interior Designer 


“Go with your heart and surround yourself with the things you love” is a mantra Renee lives by, and she loves exploring that uniqueness with each of her clients. “Your home is a reflection of your personality, so if you love green, add a splash of green to a room as your signature completion.” Renee’s personal style is a combination of classic and eclectic, and problem-solving comes naturally to her. Renee’s clients see that in the way her design fits their unique spaces and lifestyle needs. She gravitated to art, color and texture since childhood, which resulted in her earning a degree in graphic design.

“I want to make your home feel like you, and I want you to love it when it’s finished. Let me share my expertise and design a space that is inviting, classy, fun, and a dream come true.”

Renee’s Portfolio

“We do love our new furniture and have already enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for following up with us. We look forward to doing more business with Montgomery’s soon. I will ask for you!”
Mary S.
"Renee, my sales rep was very knowledgeable, fun and helpful in my selection process."
Betty O.