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 Relationships are at the heart of my work. I am blessed to have worked with so many amazing clients that have trusted me to design projects for years to come. 

Julie Nesson

Alexandria Area Vocational Technical School | 605-332-4400 ext. 202

My interior design career has been defined by my focus on customers. This personal page gives me the opportunity to tell you more about myself and my design specialities. It has been my privilege to design homes and form lasting relationships for more than 30 years. My projects range from construction to remodel both small and large. Your home is more than just an adobe, it is an expression of what’s important to you. It should be a statement to family, friends, and neighbors of who you are. I strive to go beyond just design and make a difference in your home.


The collaborative nature of design is essential for every space. Rather than taking charge, I will look to you as my partner.  My role is to listen to your vision and answer any of questions of concerns so you feel confident in the project. Some of my clients know what they want, while others don’t. During our first consultation, we will go through styles that you like and dislike. We will also cover your day-to-day schedule and discuss lifestyle habits. These important elements will give me a starting point to building your dream space that will functions to your needs without sacrificing style.   

Techniques & Specialties

Organization: If your home is a clutter, I can assist in organizing for a stress free lifestyle. I often recommend moving out your accessories and living with the bare minimum. Each accessory has to earn it’s place in your home by providing purpose. This tactic helps determine what to keep and what to leave. 

Window Fashions: The finishing touch. Window fashions can make or break a space. Shopping for the perfect curtain or shade can sometimes be overwhelming. I have devoted a lot of my work in finding the perfect window treatments for any space based on style and lighting control.

Balance: It’s all about balance, scale and proportions when mixing pattern and textures together. When these three key factors find their place, your space will come to life.

Timeless Style: I have a personal love for timeless style. “Non-negiotables,” or family heirlooms are apart of your personal story. These historic pieces can be some of the most beautiful, I will help work these into your current needs and desires.