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Tonia Even

Interior Designer

Favorite Styles:  Boho, Shabby Chic, Earthy

Tonia attended college in Alexandria, MN for Interior Design in 2009 and completed her education with an internship at Douglas Furniture. She graduated in 2011 and moved to Florida where she continued to sell furniture and found a passion for up-cycling older pieces.

Tonia incorporates design wherever she goes and every place she has lived. She is excited to carry her education and experience through her career at Montgomery’s. 

You can see Tonia’s Portfolio below.

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About Tonia

“Nature is one of my biggest inspirations for everything in life.”

Walking through an antique store is one Tonia’s favorite pass times, it also gets her creative juices flowing. She likes to scroll through Pinterest and watch Fixer Upper and Flea Market Flip too, when she wants inspiration. Tonia enjoys not only the beginning of the design process, but every phase throughout the project. She especially loves then end when she gets to see her clients’ eyes light up when their vision comes to life. 

One of her goals when working with a client is to get into their space as soon as possible so she can get a good sense of what is important to them and see where they feel they are lacking. Tonia then brings those two worlds together, and creates their dream home.

One of the design tips she tries to follow herself: less is more. “With my design preferences, I tend to end up with a lot of knick knacks and at the end, I will downsize that just a big and give it a fresh vibe.” 

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Custom Touch Home at Dakota Fest

Custom Touch Home at Dakota Fest

Custom Touch Home at Dakota Fest