Wanda Faye Interior Designer

Wanda Faye Nicholson

Interior Designer | Mattress Specialist


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Wanda Faye knows there is more to designing someone’s home than furniture and accessories. While those choices are important, the actual test of a customer’s happiness is how the newly designed space makes them feel. “People are sometimes worried the finished space won’t feel right or look like them when the purpose of interior design is to make sure space reflects them in every way,” says Wanda Faye. “While we have everything imaginable in our showroom, getting to know the customer by spending time with them in their home leads to inspiration and ultimately creating a space they’ll love for a long time.”

Wanda Faye's Portfolio
Design Favorites

Flooring! Using the same flooring or very similar helps the rooms flow together. 
Window fashions are my favorite because they frame the whole room. It can make or break a space!
Personal touches: People get stuck on Houzz or Pinterest, fill their home with abstract or inspirational wall art and forget to add things like family portraits.
Transitional style, because it allows her to combine old world style with contemporary looks. But she loves any style of design because it allows her to show off her artistic personality and passion.