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Wanda Faye Nicholson

Interior Designer 
605-332-4400 ext. 307

For Design Consultant Wanda Faye, designing the look of a space within someone’s home is about more than the furniture and accessories.

Don’t get her wrong. Those are very important elements, she says. But for Wanda Faye, it’s about how the space makes her customers feel.
“People who haven’t worked with a designer before are often worried that the finished space won’t look like them,” Wanda Faye says. That won’t happen, she promises.

Wanda’s Portfolio

About Wanda Faye

When Wanda Faye meets with her customers, they spend as much time talking as they do looking at furniture. “By really listening to the customer and really learning about who they are, helps ensure I create a space they love.”

Prior to joining Montgomery’s in 2015, Wanda Faye worked as a seamstress and laid tile and flooring. With a love for all things creative, Wanda brings her bold personality to her work, mixing colors and taking chances. She knows the entire installation process inside and out – and even has a few professional tricks up her sleeves.

A professional designer knows inside secrets like bringing color into a dull room or pulling furniture from against the wall to create a better layout,” Wanda Faye says. “This is what we do every day, so we better be good at it!”

Drawing inspiration from décor sites on the internet is fine, but Wanda Faye likes to delve deeper when she designs a space in someone’s home. “Why would you want to take something that is a replica of something from social media? Let’s take the concept and make it more you and unique to your lifestyle,” she says.

Design Favorites

Flooring! Using the same flooring or very similar helps the rooms flow together. 
Window fashions are my favorite because they frame the whole room. It can make or break a space!
Personal touches: People get stuck on Houzz or Pinterest, fill their home with abstract or inspirational wall art and forget to add things like family portraits.
Transitional style, because it allows her to combine old world style with contemporary looks. But she loves any style of design because it allows her to show off her artistic personality and passion.

"I walked in and someone approached me immediately and literally helped me make my house into a home with my own ideas & then brought them to life. My designer was so willing to take her time and give me options with things from bar stools to succulents and beyond. I am beyond impressed with the talent of their staff and especially helping me stay within my budget! Thanks Wanda Faye & the Montgomery’ Team!"
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