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I live a crazy busy life, but that's why I love it. I'm just a 21 year old girl trying to figure it out with some bumps along the way. Hey, that's what makes it fun, right?

I love talking all things home, fashion, and design. I love pineapples from their taste to how they look in designs. My apologies now for the obsession and how often I use them. Keep scrolling for projects, inspiration and more! 


Originally from Des Moines, Iowa. I come from a family of six. My family is always loud, always crazy and always loving. I had the best parents a girl could ask for. I came up to South Dakota in 2015 to see what this "buffalo land" had in store. 

After going back and forth between majors and never finding something that made my heart beat a little faster...

I found Montgomery's and am so fortunate to find a job that I love. 

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Whether the project is new construction, remodel, or purely decorative, I will  adapt to your diverse needs and translate ideas into a unique design that is captivating, comfortable, and functional!

Let's design together!

Living Room Projects

Kitchen Projects

Exquisite Experience

Designing your home is a very important process and can be overwhelming. With numerous styling options it's easy to get confused of what you actually envision.

That's where I come in.  😊 FREE DESIGN SERVICES.

When designing with myself and the Montgomery's team, we will simply your process. We can pinpoint just what you want your space to look like and start designing. We listen first and give ideas and opinions second. 

I specialize in glorifying your home from flooring to window fashions. 

Customization: After understanding your style we can customize basically every piece within the home to create the best flow within your room. If we can't find a bedding set? No problem our team will customize it in our fabric department. 

-Sioux Falls Women Published

-Interior Design Degree from South Dakota State

-Specialize in chic timeless styles. Creating friendly and functional homes

-Well trained eye for high quality and durable products. 

The Process

  • Client consultation to ensure a creative, functional, and beautiful design plan

  • Selection of furniture, antiques, lighting, fixtures, finishes, fabrics, rugs, finishes and accessories

  • Color/fabric schemes and lighting plans

  • Space planning; i.e., maximizing the layout and proper flow of space

  • Custom furniture, window treatments, soft goods, and cabinetry/casework design

  • Collaboration with our talented architects, contractors, artisans and landscape designers

  • Coordinating schedules, installation, moving, and temperature controlled storage

  • Electronic proposals, documents and invoices

  • Partnering with specialists including art consultants, professional organizers, relocation specialists and others trades that bring ease to life's little stresses

Some tips to live by

Life is a beautiful journey, let's share ours together!

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