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Welcome to my page! I hope this page gives you a sneak peak at my personal style as an interior designer. Looking to create your own personalized space? Reach out using the form below and we can start collaborating!

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My whole life revolves around furniture and the interior design industry.  My life is blessed waking up and loving what I do every day.  The daughter of an Interior Designer and a DIY father; it was inevitable that I too have a passion for design. Passion along with a decade of experience in the furniture industry following their footsteps was a natural God given gift.   As much as I love my career at Montgomerys; nothing compares to my children as they alone inspire me everyday to do my best at home and work.

My mother taught me the basics of sewing which has been a great help in creating custom window treatments and bedding for my clients.  Pitching in with hanging wallpaper, hammering barn wood and wainscoting to walls, refinishing wood floors and decorating with vintage décor also aided in my love for design.  My parentsHi  always had some home remodel project in the works and us kids worked right along side them.

I have a great appreciation for one’s budget.  As a single mother of two, it’s easy to understand the essence of hard work.  Optimizing my client’s investment for a project is the utmost importance.  I pose as a great example of someone who can have a stylish home on a restricted budget.  I have the experience, the education and the love to back up my work.  Stop in to see me or drop an email.  I’d love to help with your home.

Oh, did I mention I love color!!!

And finally; as a young adult, it was inevitable that hanging drywall and mudding walls was a fun pastime for me.  I was taught various mudding techniques and how to impact the look of the space by the experts in the field.  By the time I was 19, I was refinishing my own home.  Today, my home is my sanctuary and favorite place to be.  Along with my kids of course.  


Design Expertise

-I love mixing styles. Using a traditional frame and throwing a loud color and modern pattern on it can be simply stunning.

-I love updated traditional. A mix of cottage, modern, and industrial is a personal favorite. 

– I do well getting clients out of their comfort zone and incorporating different techniques to their vision. I love seeing how surprised they are with the final result!

-Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. Maximizing space and creating a open home is one of my strengths.

-I have a true love for color and specialize in creating a gorgeous palette with purpose and flow.