Enhance your indoor-outdoor living with design expertise, easy new additions

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Patio season is approaching fast, and the same design-focused approach for the inside of your home can help transform your outdoor spaces too.

“People increasingly are trying to bring the indoors out,” said Amber Sigler, design consultant at Montgomery’s. “And we want you to know we can offer the same kind of high-quality products in the outdoor world as the interior.”

Montgomery’s designers offer the same complimentary design services if you’re working to create an exceptional outdoor space in your home. They will visit your home and help select finishes and furnishings for outdoor living.

“We’ll look at the design approach you’ve used on the inside of your home and help complement that on the outside,” Sigler said. “We want it to be different but still cohesive with the rest of the home.”

People who invested in outdoor spaces during the pandemic years also will find “a lot more options available now,” she said.

“You might have rushed to find whatever was available to enjoy your outdoor space, but now you’ll find many more choices for customization that don’t take long to arrive and that you easily could still enjoy this season.”

On the deck or patio

One easy way to update an outdoor space: Choose a new umbrella, especially if you have an open deck or patio.

“The umbrella market has really been enhanced with different sizes, shapes and technology,” Sigler said. “You can incorporate lighting or even Bluetooth speakers with them. Plus, even though most furniture is fade-resistant, it still helps to offer some additional shelter for comfort.”

Montgomery’s also offers many weighted bases to add sturdiness to umbrellas.

“And some even have a pedal you can push to elevate the base on wheels, so they’re easy to maneuver around a patio,” Sigler said.

Outdoor seating is trending toward “lounge groupings,” she added. “So options like a sofa and a few chairs or loveseat or chaise, which can be more versatile, especially around a pool or for entertaining.”

Homeowners also are gravitating toward more luxe looks, she said.

“We’re seeing a lot of people who are looking to create an upscale hotel or spa-like vibe, similar to what they may have done in a master bath, but the idea is to bring it outdoors.”

Outdoor dining

Outdoor kitchens are going beyond grills to include pizza ovens and bars, with seating to complement them.

“We’re seeing a lot of sling-style dining chairs that are very popular and quite comfortable, with room to choose colors and fabrics,” Sigler said.

“You can swivel or slightly rock them. Another thing we’re seeing are some really cute sets with faux wicker or rattan chairs with nice cushion seating options.”

Marble or stone counters also can help further elevate the patio.

You’ll also find many new options for outdoor rugs to complete the space.

“There are so many options,” Sigler said. “Some don’t even feel like outdoor rugs – they’re very soft and beautifully knotted but have the ability to withstand the elements and be easily cleaned.”

With especially large patios, “putting an area rug in the space helps anchor the entire space and make it seem like its own living or entertaining space,” she added.

“We have some furniture that can stay outside all year, even through harsh winters, made with recycled materials and stainless steel so they’re resistant to rusting,” Sigler said. “We recommend covering or bringing cushions indoors, but most frames are going to be able to handle the weather.”

Light it up

Maximize your time outdoors after the sun goes down with new exterior lighting.

“We’ve seen huge ground in the variety of exterior light fixtures, and they’re really advancing to a more elevated, stylish look,” Sigler said. “They’re more artistic design elements. And then classic bistro lights can set the mode and tone for a space.”

Fireplaces and fire pits also allow for fun seating areas and designs.

“That’s where we’ve really seen some creativity in picking materials for bases and toss pillows,” Sigler said.

No matter what pieces are selected for outdoor living, Montgomery’s designers can ensure selections will hold up to the weather, she added.

Three- and four-season rooms

Three- and four-season sunrooms easily can continue the design used on the interior of the home, Sigler said.

“A lot of people just take a slightly different style with it to make them feel more at one with nature while still having the benefit of being sheltered from weather.”

Many homeowners use the rooms as “screen-free” areas made for seating, informal dining and gathering.

“A lot of people use them for reading, gathering, cocktails or coffee with friends or a more personal space,” she said. “I’ve had one client use it as an art studio, so there are lot of possibilities with a design that’s surrounded by windows and open views to the outside.”

The biggest thing to remember, no matter what the space: Customization can be key.

“We’ve all seen patio furniture that looks kind of the same, so finding something really unique is on trend,” Sigler said. “And the options are endless, whether it’s the frame shape, your fabrics, access; we can help you design a space that will make you love outdoor living season even more.”

Ready to get started? Stop in any Montgomery’s showroom to connect with a designer for complimentary expertise or click here to begin browsing online.