Fall brings the cold, winter brings the wind, summer brings the construction… and spring brings the rain. If you’re not from South Dakota, WELCOME 😊shop vac

Flood season is upon us and after the constant downpour of rain this week, we thought this article could be quite helpful. Even though our agricultural thrive off rain, homeowners often suffer from severe damage. Flooding can ruin the insides of a home from the carpeting & padding, furniture, and walls plus everything in between. Not all homes are affected to the extent of others, but the majority of all homes experience flooding at some point. That being said, we thought it was the perfect time to share our flooring specialist’s tips for flood cleanup & damage. For help further, please contact our flooring department below.


Flood cleanup may require the work of a professional. Our tips below are designed to help you clean up on your own, but sometimes outside help is needed. If you have flood insurance, always report the damages. It is possible that all your damages may be covered including the help of a professional contractor.


Before digging into water damage repairs, protect yourself by wearing boots, gloves and cover all exposed skin. Some water can contain E.Coli and unsanitary bacteria. Water can also tend to be very hot and will burn skin quickly. Next, shut off all electricity and check twice! The last thing you need is a deadly matchup between water and electric, the results could be very dangerous.

The Air in Your Home

Now that you know to take precaution when handling unsanitary water, open up the windows! Water can bring strong odors from sewers and that’s the last thing you need! Open all entries including doors, so air will blow through and speed up the drying process. Unnatural sources like fans also help after standing water is removed and electricity can be restored.

fans xWater Removal

The fastest solution to water damage and removal is seeking the help of a professional. Some situations are worse than others and can be handled on your own. If you are on your own, seek out a shop vac, or pump to remove all standing water. After the water is removed and a cause is determined, take the correct steps to ensure it won’t happen again. Of course, there are many causes of water in the home aside from just flooding.

Wet Items

A knowledgeable professional is the best option when attempting to save water-damaged items. Of course, remove all wet items from the area to properly perform flood clean up. Unfortunately, most carpet & furniture will need to be thrown out. Here at Montgomery’s, we do offer a line of waterproof carpet that has been tested on the floor of a swimming pool. If you are looking at installing a new carpet after water damage, this line would be your best option. Learn more about our flooring here.

Mold Cleanup

Everything that has been touched by unsanitary water will need to be fully disinfected. Mold & bacteria thrive in damp areas, ensuring that your space has been completely dried will prevent these growths in the long run. Keep fans and open ventilation to the area for a few days to speed up the process. Remember, if you are ever questioning your tactics call a professional for assistance.