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In-Stock Carpet

We carry a large selection of in-stock carpet

Whether you are looking for your basement or main floor, The Floor Store at Montgomery’s stocks a variety of flooring products. If you need flooring now, our flooring experts can work with you on finding the right carpet for your needs, your home and the visual look you are trying to achieve.

We offer FREE measures and estimates! Stop into your local Montgomery’s Showroom and talk with a flooring expert.

In-Stock Carpet and Carpet Tile

$3.99 Sq/Ft

Modern Tradition in Pinstripe or Windsor Tan


$3.89 Sq/Ft

Nature’s Allure II in Mission

because we can ii alaskan air

$3.19 Sq/Ft

Because We Can II in Alaskan Air


$2.99 Sq/Ft

North River in Corriedale

shaw aerial view natural stone

$2.49 Sq/Ft

Aerial View
in Natural Stone

shaw iconic element pony tail

$2.49 Sq/Ft

Iconic Element in Pony Tail

alamopark sugarcookie

$2.19 Sq/Ft

Alamo Park in Sugar Cookie

shaw make it work natures essentials

$1.99 Sq/Ft

Make it Work in Nature’s Essentials

itsallright concrete

$1.99 Sq/Ft

It’s All Right in Concrete

shaw easy fit papoose

$1.99 Sq/Ft

Easy Fit in Papoose

mohawk designers touch dakota dawn

$1.59 Sq/Ft

Designer’s Touch in Dakota Dawn

marquis uptown swiss mocha

$1.49 Sq/Ft

Uptown in Swiss Mocha

shaw on the cover center stage

$1.49 Sq/Ft

On The Cover in Center Stage

Air.o Carpet By Mohawk

Air.o’s fibers don’t absorb moisture, helping prevent the growth of allergens and microbes.

Air.o’s unique, unified construction provides better airflow, releasing more dust and dirt with each vacuum than carpet with traditional padding.

Pad included.

certain exposure

$2.99 Sq/Ft

Mohawk Air.o Certain Exposure I in Moonlight

GOOD better best
all clear

$3.19 Sq/Ft

Mohawk Air.o All Clear in Mushroom Cap

good BETTER best

$3.19 Sq/Ft

Mohawk Air.o Timeless Harmony in Silk Canvas

good BETTER best
clear unity

$3.79 Sq/Ft

Mohawk Air.o Clear Unity in Sante Fe Trail

good better BEST


Limited quantities in stock, see showroom for details.


NOW $3.39 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.99 Sq/Ft

Modern Tradition in Parchment

Swiss Coffee

NOW $2.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.69 Sq/Ft

Elemental Mix II in Swiss Coffee

Absolutely It Fairy Dust

NOW $2.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.49 Sq/Ft

Absolutely It
in Fairy Dust

Classic Brilliance Eternal Sands

NOW $2.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.49 Sq/Ft

Classic Brilliance
in Eternal Sands

NOW $2.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.29 Sq/Ft

Montage II
in Morning Frost
or Tempting Taupe

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.99 Sq/Ft

Crown Suite in European Linen or Premier

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.99 Sq/Ft

This and That in Evening Sun or Pebbles

antigua pewter

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. 3.99 Sq/Ft

Antigua in Pewter

be my guest fossil

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $3.00 Sq/Ft

Be My Guest in Fossil

outside the line flax

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.99 Sq/Ft

Outside the Line in Flax

Hunters Point Barnwood

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $2.99 Sq/Ft

Hunter’s Point in Barnwood

surene and surreal cozy cabin

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.89 Sq/Ft

Serene & Surreal in Cozy Cabin

Our Home II Pebble Path

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.85 Sq/Ft

Our Home II in  Pebble Path

shaw wittier version pegasus

NOW $1.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.69 Sq/Ft

Wittier Version in Pegasus

dreamweaver remarkable mocha

NOW $1.79 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.99 Sq/Ft

Remarkable in Mocha

NOW $1.79 Sq/Ft

Reg. $2.69 Sq/Ft

Stamina in Sumatra or Twilight

lexmark satin weave glisten

NOW $1.79 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.69 Sq/Ft

Satin Weave in Glisten

mohawk best look nutria

NOW $1.75 Sq/Ft

Reg. 4.99 Sq/Ft

Best Look in Nutria

dream weaver cascade carriage

NOW $1.49 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.59 Sq/Ft

Cascade in Carriage

always ready arrowhead

NOW $1.49 Sq/Ft

Reg. $2.49 Sq/Ft

Always Ready I
in Arrowhead

Shaw Taylors Ridge Mystic

NOW $1.29 Sq/Ft

Reg. 1.69 Sq/Ft

Taylor’s Ridge in Mystic

beaulieu outdoor june grass palm

NOW $1.19 Sq/Ft

Reg. 1.79 Sq/Ft

Outdoor in June Grass Palm

Marble Heights

NOW $1.19 Sq/Ft

Reg. 1.59 Sq/Ft

Toast of the Town
in Marble Heights

mohawk endless wonder doeskin commercial

NOW $0.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $1.69 Sq/Ft

Endless Wonder in Doeskin

function mission

NOW $0.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. $1.49 Sq/Ft

in Mission

mohawk next movement birch

NOW $0.99 Sq/Ft

Reg. 1.19 Sq/Ft

Next Movement in Birch

shaw live big clam shell

NOW $0.95 Sq/Ft

Reg. $1.19 Sq/Ft

Live Big in Clam Shell

shaw ts butterscotch

NOW $0.79 Sq/Ft

Reg. 2.49 Sq/Ft

Textured in Butterscotch

zim len dal echo red commercial

NOW $0.49 Sq/Ft

Reg. $1.99 Sq/Ft

Len Dal Echo in Red

expect more flaxseed

NOW $0.49 Sq/Ft

Reg. $1.29 Sq/Ft

Expect More in Flaxseed

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