We are more than ready for Spring, warmer weather and sunshine! Is your home ready for Spring? Has your space been hoarding items and fuzzies from the winter? Either way, there is a new season coming and it’s time to freshen up and boost your living space!

Decoration: Faux greenery & Flowers.

Spring is the season of blossoming trees and gorgeous flowers. Embrace the beautiful season by adding some greenery to your space. Everyone loves fresh roses, but let’s face it, they are EXPENSIVE. Aside from cost, fresh flowers only last around a week with a dirty vase and mess to follow. Check out your local Micheals,  or arts & crafts store. You can purchase faux greenery for just a few nickels and dimes. To spruce it up some more, add some mason jars or vases that fit your style.

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Cleaning your windows can make a HUGE difference on the space you walk into. As spring approaches, so does more daylight so take advantage. Start by washing the insides of your windows followed by the outside. This will ensure your glass is glistening from top to bottom.

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Furniture Rearranging

During the cold season, people tend to arrange their sofas and seating around the fireplace. This Spring, try rearranging your furniture to face the windows to soak up the sun.


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Organization: it's time to declutter.

Many people who suffer from allergies, struggle as Spring approaches. Decluttering is your new best friend this allergy season!  Go through your closets, drawers, and get rid of items that you don’t need. The less stuff in your house, the fewer places for allergens to hang out. The less clutter you have, the more organized you will feel.



Cleaning: It's time to face those dreaded spaces.

What dreaded spaces are we referring to? The cleaning room, the storage closet, the mud room, etc. Cleaning these spaces is far from fun, but can make a world of difference when deep cleaning your home for spring. Clean your walls with a non-toxic cleaner, scrub away molding on pipes, and inspect water pipes for leaks.

Check your ventilation fans. Make sure that they are routed to the outside, and run them for 30 minutes after a shower or bath.

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