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Kelli Harrington


Interior design is in Kelli Harrington’s blood.

She was born and raised in a family of homebuilders. Even as a child, she loved “playing house.”

“I love everything about a home coming together, tailoring each one to the needs and wants of families who live there,” Kelli says. “Ever since I was 8 years old, I was making mood boards on construction paper with a JCPenney catalog.”

So it’s only natural that Kelli would gravitate to the interior design world. “Interior designers have to be very passionate about their job, and I am very passionate.”

Her passion shows.


She’s a sucker for mid-century modern style. But she also loves a global look, too, mixing textures and prints with soft, natural fabrics. “Blending two styles together is so much fun to do!”

But Kelli will work in any style. She draws inspiration from Amber Lewis, her favorite California-based designer. The internet is also a great resource for “designer block.” “Instagram search trends can occupy my attention for longer than I’d like to admit,” Kelli says.

Beyond that, Kelli is constantly reading books, blogs and magazines from designers and architects and also “ideas from my talented father who has been building homes for 40 years!”

When it comes to getting the work done, however, she’s always keeps three things in mind: “Always incorporate pieces that make you happy, group things in threes and pull together a room together with details, like rugs, paintings, sculptures, plants and accessories.”

No matter what project she’s working on, Kelli has one rule of thumb: “I treat each client as if they were my only one, and I make sure they are well informed, and satisfied throughout,” she says.