Living Room Arrangement

Cozy & Conversational

Sofas can be arranged to face each other with a coffee table placed in the middle for a conversational favorite.This is perfect for easy conversation with a foundation to hold drinks and snacks! Of course, there are many living room arrangement options, but this is our fan favorite.

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Defined Dining

Create a defined flow by separating your dining room and living room. Placing a sofa facing away from your kitchen or dining space adds purpose to a open space without boundaries.


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Circled & Spacious

Small spaces can be super touchy. Some furniture can actually make a living room appear smaller. In a small living room, find a circular coffee table. Square coffee tables are great for definition but can close off a space easily. 

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Furniture :

Avoid pushing furniture up against the wall, always leave a small amount of space (at least 5 inches). This will create a sophisticated room. 


Squared Situations

Too boxy of a room? Switch things up and place furniture diagonally. Your space will feel more welcoming. Place all furniture on the same diagonal line. 


Break it Up

A common mistake is to throw a sectional into a small living room to create as much seating as possible. Instead, break up your seating by finding small sofas and accent chairs to fit into your space. A large sectional will make your living room look small. Shopping for more than one piece is more fun anyways!

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