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Taylor Otteson


Design Consultant
605-256-4000 ext. 113

Fashion, art and design have always been closely linked. If you care about the way you look, you’re going to care about the way you live.

So it’s should be no surprise that a love of fashion and painting led Taylor Otteson to a career in interior design.

“My passion for both assembling an outfit and transforming a canvas inspired a bigger idea of bringing those skills to reimaging interior spaces,” says Taylor, who has been a Design Consultant at Montgomery’s since 2017.

Taylor’s personal style gravitates toward the rustic and boho coupled with a hint of glam.

“I’ve got a love for traveling and using the things I’ve brought back from some of the destinations,” she says. “I like to incorporate them into my home.”

But when it comes to working with her clients, Taylor focuses on their style and including them in the process. After all, it is their space.

“I’ve always been good at making sure the vision is the customer’s – I’m not going to try to take over the look. and not over take the look,” Taylor says. “I make sure the customer feels like every idea is their own idea. I want them to feel like, ‘I can do this, but I want Taylor’s advice.’ ”

Taylor’s advice always includes incorporating personal pieces. “Don’t get rid of everything that’s yours,” she says. “Don’t get rid of that little table your dad built you. It’s a part of you. Instead, let’s bring it to life with a new lamp.

She also likes to mix patterns and textures, to use rugs to soften a hard floor and to “always, always add some greenery.”

When working with clients, honesty is important. “I’ve got an eye that is very specific,” she says. “If something looks great, I’ll tell you. If it doesn’t look great, I’ll tell you.”

Most importantly, Taylor won’t stop until the job is done.

“I will walk my clients through the whole process and then follow through and make it happen.”

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