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Hi there! I’m Thea Friday, a passionate interior design consultant and proud mother of three wonderful kids. As a newer design consultant, I’ve enjoyed transforming spaces into havens that reflect my client’s unique personalities and lifestyles.

Balancing my career with motherhood has been my most incredible adventure yet. Juggling the demands of three little ones while pursuing my passion for design has taught me the importance of creativity, adaptability, and patience.

Before delving into interior design, I honed my creative skills as a hair stylist, where I learned the art of visual storytelling and the importance of attention to detail. This background has deeply influenced my approach to design, infusing my work with a sense of style, elegance, and practicality.

When I’m not sketching floor plans or sourcing fabrics, I’m knee-deep in the joy (and chaos!) of family life. Whether exploring nature trails, baking cookies, or building forts in the living room, I cherish every moment spent with my children.

As a mom, designer, and advocate for mindful living, I’m all about the transformative power of design. Let’s turn your home into a haven where beautiful memories are born!

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