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In a business culture when chain stores and national franchises rein supreme, Montgomery’s Furniture, with its 129 years of experience and five generations of family leadership, is a bit of a novelty (to put it lightly). But, despite its unique status, Montgomery’s success has certainly been no fluke. A combination of pioneering spirit, hard work, and an endless drive to continually improve, cultivated over five generations, have been key ingredients in the business’ longevity.

Montgomery’s Furniture was founded by George H. Montgomery in 1888, a full year before South Dakota would even be admitted for statehood. The original store was opened in Alexandria, South Dakota, but expansion and customer demand eventually led to the opening of stores in Sioux Falls, Madison, and Watertown. Continued success and dedication to their customer base has led to further expansion and renovation in all of the stores, with the current Sioux Falls renovation being the newest and largest of those endeavors.

When he first opened, George had a simple mission to create a furniture store that not only provided the highest quality of products, but that also cultivated a standard of customer service that was second to none. Fifth generation owner Eric Sinclair who, along with his father and mother Clark and Connie Sinclair, and his wife Neala, own and operate the stores in Sioux Falls, Madison, and Watertown, emphasizes that this mantra is just as strong now as it was when his great-great grandfather first opened.  “Quality of service has been, in my opinion, a major factor in Montgomery’s 129 year success. We have very high expectations for our product and our brand, and we personally play a role in almost all processes from start to finish.” Sinclair also emphasizes that the “Family Atmosphere” at Montgomery’s extends well beyond the ownership. “We’re distinctly aware that Montgomery’s success is a direct correlation to the many quality employees we have at each of our stores and also to the loyal customers and community base that’s been cultivated throughout the years. We wouldn’t be where we are without these groups and individuals and it’s our commitment that they all feel welcomed into the Montgomery’s Family.”

South Dakota Family-Owned Since 1888.

1888, 7 May – George H. Montgomery founded Montgomery’s Furniture and Funeral in Alexandria, South Dakota. Alexandria was only eight years old and SD was still one year from gaining statehood.

1902 – George H. Montgomery and his brother-in-law Wiliam Ryburn built a large two-story building to house the bank and furniture store.

1918 – W.R. Montgomery, George’s son became the second generation to join the family business.

1920 – Son-in-law Gilbert C. Loomer joined the team. He was married to Marian Montgomery, George’s daughter.

1922 – Founder George H. Montgomery passed away.

1948 – George Loomer son of G.C. and Marian (Montgomery) Loomer became the third generation to join the business.

1955 – James (Jim) Loomer another son joined the family business.

1959 – Gilbert’s sons Jim and George purchased the family business and expanded to several locations.

1962 – Jim & George opened the second location in Howard, SD.

1964, 12 April – The 1902 building and a separate warehouse were destroyed in a fire.

1965, 5 April – Grand Opening of new Alexandria store.

1970 – George Loomer passed away.

1972 – Arlington, SD Furniture store purchased.

1977 – Son-in-law Clark Sinclair joined the business.

1980, June 1 – The store was moved to Madison, SD where it was located in the former Hallenbeck Furniture building. Clark and Connie Sinclair managed the new location. They became the fourth generation to be involved in the family business.

1983 – Russell Montgomery passed away.

1986 – George sold the Madison store to his daughter and son-in-law, Connie and Clark Sinclair.

1987 – JIm’s son Todd joined the business in Alexandria, SD.

1997 – Clark & Connie Sinclair established the Sioux Falls location at 1725 West 41st Street.

2002 – The two Madison locations were combined into one 40,000 square foot located at 747 South Washington Avenue.

2006 – Eric and Neala Sinclair, Clark & Connie’s son and daughter-in-law joined the business as the fifth generation.

2011, Nov. – Opened the Sioux Falls Distribution Center.

2012, Sept. – Purchased Zimmel’s Furniture in Watertown, SD upon their retirement.

2013, Jan. – Eric Sinclair is promoted to President of Montgomery’s.

2013, Feb. – Watertown, SD showroom is opened.

2013, July – Purchased Traditions in Sioux Falls.

2014 – Expanded and remodeled the Sioux Falls Showroom, doubling in size to include a full design studio, Mattress 1st Sleep Center and Montgomery’s Modern Showroom.


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