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Midwest Warmth

by | May 15, 2016

There is no need to find a new house when all you need is an update to make your current home just what you envision. From floor to ceiling this home makeover created a warm atmosphere with lots of raw texture. The entryway leads to a seating area for reading with a desk and printer for work which opens directly into the dining room followed by the living room. The position of the furniture creates definitive areas for each activity without the need for walls or separators. The same warm brown textured flooring runs lengthwise throughout the open space with custom windows and drapery created by the Montgomery’s workroom team. Natural fabrics of the rugs and hides add texture to the floor and pull in the texures of the furniture. On the living room sectional you’ll find custom created throw pillows from our work room paired with coordinated sofa pillows. This home is an exemplary example of warm textures making a house feel like a home.


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