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Morgan Green ~ Sioux Falls Showroom

Greetings, and thank you for visiting my personal page!  Everyone wants to put their own touch into their home and my mission is to understand your wishes and make your dream space a reality. If you have questions, wish to schedule a free in home consultation, or just looking for advice please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact me!

Where it all Began

To be a great interior designer, I’ve learned you must truly love the industry to create a phenomenal space. My initial interest  began in my early teenage years in Pennsylvania. Before I knew it, I found myself dragging my mother to random open houses so I could learn from and critique each one.  Shortly after, I earned my degree in Interior Design from Iowa State University. Our industry is quick to change, so my training continued after school. I am lucky to be surrounded by great interior designers here at Montgomery’s. With our weekly training, we constantly focus on how to deliver the best design experience, and for daily inspiration, I focus on new articles from Houzz and explore home construction websites and trends. Nothing keeps me more on top of my game then staying up to date with competitors and challenging myself to go the extra mile for my clients. 

Specializing your Experience

My top rule to follow is to design a space based on your style, rather than mine. This is the space you will be living in every day, so you must LOVE it! ❤️

From designing a residential home, an office, a hotel, or any other interior space, the full interior design process is up to you.  The choice is yours! Whether drawing up the first initial floor plan or the very last decorative accent, every part of your home can be renovated (no matter how big or how small). We have a fully equipped team of installers, fabricators, contractors and more to assist in the design process.  I strive to not only enhance your look but also the functionality of your space.

Behind the scenes

Before & After

The Importance of Color

Finding the perfect color scheme is very important in any space.  I love putting the perfect tones and shades together. Most of my potential clients don’t realize what can be done with a great color scheme. Just like with colors, there’s a trick to matching patterns too, and that’s with scale. Even if the colors don’t match exactly, it’s all about coordination. 

Image 8
Image 7 1

Like the picture above,  the orange fabric behind the sofa (on the chairs) is a smaller scale fabric, while the pattern on the pillow of the sofa is larger.

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My Favorite Products

My personal favorites are usually from Four Hands, Pulaski and Bernhardt. Almost every new arrival we receive from these vendors I am obsessed with. Check out some of these room looks and see if you agree!