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My passion for home design started with people and the opportunity to transform homes into their own personal haven. I found my career at our Watertown showroom in 2014 and am truly grateful our great team, furniture and clients every day. When I’m not at Montgomery’s I devote time to my personal pursuits like crafting, sewing and quilting. Outside of work, I devote time to my daughter Claire, my little slice of heaven.  

All Things Design BELOW 🏡

 I grew up learning how to flip homes. I completed my first flip when I was 20 years old and the love has yet to die. To be able to successfully renovate homes, I have learned everything from sewing drapes to hanging wallpaper. I believe in always growing my design education and I am always open to new tips and tricks.

Sara G Web

Project: Kitchen Kraze

I love working with clients on one of the best rooms in the house: the kitchen!


I want to find your perfect fit. Everyone deserves a home to brag about, big or small and that is my overall goal.  I enjoy projects that test my skills and broaden my knowledge. I will always dive into a project as if it were my own home. 

Personal Style

I find my inspiration in various places, thrift stores, antique shops and old homes. I started this when I was a child with my father and that same strategy still works for me.

I work with clients of all styles and love challenging myself with new trends and designs. I must confess that I am a lover of rustic spaces with a taste of farmhouse.   Family heirlooms are some of the most precious pieces in a home, rustic farmhouse designs embrace these antiques in all their beauty. Most of my clients favorite pieces are the ones that took the most work and found in the most unexpected places. I enjoy discovering traditional pieces that can be transformed with a modern touch. 

Budget Friendly

The respect for my client’s budget will always stay top of mind throughout the entire process. As a young single mother, I understand how every dollar counts. Every amount of budget can be a new piece, frame, wall decor and more, I always strive to verify I am distributing budgets for the best outcome. Configuring a budget can be somewhat difficult on your own, I can help to identify all elements that need to be taken into consideration.