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Sarah Henning

Design Consultant
605-886-5000 ext. 203

To say Sarah Henning has a flair for the dramatic is an understatement.

With 20 years of experience in the theater and six years theatrical design experience plus a solid background in art, Sarah knows how to tell a story with her surroundings. So it’s no surprise that she’s combined her love of art, creativity and design into the role of Design Consultant at Montgomery’s.

“I have been a highly creative spirit since a young age,” Sarah says. “Interacting with people and helping them find the right product brings me the same joy that I had working in the theater.”

Balancing bold prints and bright colors is Sarah’s specialty. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique color and texture combinations,” she says.

She’s inspired by anything vintage – “especially items with tufting – they’re so elegant.”

But Sarah’s not afraid to work in any style. “With hundreds of fabrics and furniture pieces to work with, the design possibilities are endless,” Sarah says. “I am excited to get to work designing unique and special pieces for my customers.”

And it doesn’t matter what the budget is. Sarah will always hunt down the right pieces at the right price for her clients.

“Expressing individual creativity and project management are two of my strengths,” she says. “Helping my customers find the perfect items makes me feel happy and fulfilled, and I won’t stop until my customer is excited about the choices we have made together.”

Because it’s the people who really make Sarah’s designs take center stage. Collaborating with others, telling stories and creating art just comes naturally.

“I like to have fun and get to know my customers and their lifestyle,” Sarah says. “I have the drive to find the pieces that tell your story. If something I do makes a customer happy, inspired, and excited to come back, I can go home feeling fulfilled.”