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With the flip of a switch, you have the power to alter the atmosphere and functionality of your home. The path to creating a properly lit home starts with a lighting plan.

Start your lighting planning by evaluating your space. Ask yourself the following questions to help you identify and set goals. What activities take place in that room? What tasks do you do? Do you have a desired focal point? Where are the electric outlets?

After you’ve evaluated and identified the areas of your home where you need lighting, it’s time to decide on the type for each section. The three types are ambient, task and accent. A good lighting plan utilizes layering of all three types of light.

The fun starts when you start selecting your fixtures. Lamps, chandeliers, pendants, track, architectural, recessed and sconces abound. With fixtures in every variety you can think of, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve included some tips to help you get started.

AMBIENT LIGHT: Overall illumination of a room

The general overall light in your room, typically natural window light, overhead ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and wall lighting.

TIP: Select window fashions that allow you the ability to have more control over the amount of natural ambient light.


TASK LIGHTING: target a workstation function

Designed to provide the proper light to complete tasks. Kitchen meal prep, office work, reading or crafting.

TIP: Task lighting shouldn’t be directly overhead, but strategically placed to light the workspace.

TIP: Table and floor lamps work as task lighting for reading when placed near sofas and chairs. They should be 60” from the floor.

ACCENT LIGHTING: To draw the eye and highlight the area.

Emphasize objects or space in your home such as art, an architectural element or a reading nook through focusing light directly on or in them.

TIP: Think not only about the light drawing the eye but the components of the fixture itself. A juxtapose of color on neutral or metallic on matte can create all the pop you need.

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