How to Create a Romantic Haven

How to Create a Romantic Haven

Turn your Bedroom into a Haven

Your home is a true reflection of you and your way of life. It is important to invest in yourself and over-all health. Taking pride in your home and space should be one of the biggest priorities in life. Once you invest in your sanctuary, watch how your life unfolds.

The Romantic Style

As Valentines Day approaches,  we wanted to focus on a very popular interior style; romance. Coming home with your partner to a romantic retreat to relax in and feel nurtured after a long day tingles everyone’s senses. If you are single, practice self-love by creating your own personal haven.  Always come home to a space of bliss and comfort.

What is Romantic Style?
Most assume romantic style sticks to feminine fluff and frill but a romantic bedroom can be designed without just sticking to feminine themes. Furniture follows more of a traditional style, many pieces used in the romantic setting are rustic and vintage instead of sleek and contemporary. Incorporating soft colors, sheer curtains, and layers upon layers of blankets and is where romantic interior style finds it’s home.

Setting the Mood

Adding a relaxed mood to your space can be easily done with a couple of small changes and additions.

  • Candles
  • String Lights
  • Flowers
  • Pictures of your loved ones
  • Canopy Beds

Color Palettes

This is a great opportunity to incorporate what some refer to as the ice cream palette i.e. strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. The key is to incorporate light and pale shades. Don’t quickly flee to red, while this color does symbolize love, red can be quite overpowering. Save bright and loud colors for accent colors to compliment creams and blushes.


Avoid strong and large lighting techniques. Instead of having one harsh overhead light, incorporate various lighting techniques with medium strength, you will be surprised just how elegant this looks. If you choose a pretty chandelier over your bed, add some bedside lamps and candles to incorporate the romantic semi-darkness mood. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous chandelier or a small lamp to add that extra glow to your nightstand, Montgomery’s has options for whatever concept you’d like to see come to light.


Unlike sleek contemporary styles,  romantic style encourages the layering of  blankets and pillows. Find pillows that match your color scheme and throw as many as you’d like on top of your bed. Layer cozy comforters and blankets with various textures. Playing with different types of bedding can be fun and the variety is endless!


Not only do silk pieces feel great but look even better in your elegant space. Instead of spending a ton on silk sheets that are mostly hidden anyways, try some silk curtains and windows fashions. A number of silk and sheer curtains can be found at our Montgomery’s locations.