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Texture in your Home

by | Mar 1, 2016

Establishing the ideal backdrop to love how you live can be daunting.  It can be frustrating when your desire for a welcoming, comfortable home falls short. The design of your home can truly affect the way you live, with warmth and texture you can live and encourage a life surrounded by love and people.

The path to creating a home you love is paved with texture. To add texture mix fabrics and materials that contrast but compliment each other. If you’ve selected a velvet sofa, for example, you may choose to select leather or wood accent chairs. When mixing, multiple styles select tone-on-tone texture options rather than multiple different colors as the style will add some texture on their own. For colorful rooms choose more subtle rather than heavy texture, jute or hide rug rather than a flokati or shag option.

Current trends in home fashions have swayed toward more texture. No longer are you confined to one fabric or wood in multiple colors but in every aspect of your home you have endless options to bring in texture. And therefore, create a home you love to live in.

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Nothing is more warm & natural than the light shining in your windows. Select from unique fibers & woods to filter with a distinctly natural look. Or fall for the textures and colors of fabrics, synthetics, and hybrid materials.

For texture, look to woven woods and roman shades. The way the materials blend and the fabric foldes add intrigue to your room.


There have never been as many options in home furnishings as there is today. As shown in the previous page dining rooms no longer need only be sleek, but now include the options for rich textures in your wood and upholstered furniture.

In style and on trend are textured headboards. From tailored to woven seagrass these pieces make you want to stay in bed.


Already have the sofa of your dreams, but still need that extra something? Turn to your accents and art. Slight changes or additions offer the final touch or a quick update.

The lamp on the left has an intriguing pattern and linen shade while maintaining a neutral color balance. Throws and pillows are perfect for a wide variety of materials and construction.


Capture the look and feel of reclaimed hardwood with natural and engineered floors. Filled and unfilled knots, brushed grain, rough cut and other techniques in production create a rich surface that pays tribute to a historic look while utilizing the innovations of today’s products. Hues from white wash to deep chocolate accentuate or subdue the rich texture.

Exciting colors and patterns await in tile and stone. Natural materials like ceramics, granite and marble coupled with colors, cuts, and grout shade allow for limitless options.

If you fall in love with a product traditionally used for flooring, think above the floor and onto your walls, showers, and backsplashes for that wow factor.


Kick off your shoes and enjoy the cozy feel of thick deep-pile rugs and carpet.  Various techniques in production create patterns and textures of interest while utilizing no or subtle color variations.

If a complete carpet install isn’t in your plans, explore the abundant options in rugs. The natural textures and slight variations in color of natural hand woven rugs or hides create an immediate opportunity to soften the lines of a hardwood floor or carpet.

Don’t be afraid to layer.


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