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Montgomery’s blog has everything you need for advice and inspiration. From chandeliers to flooring and everything in between, we’re here to help you style your perfect room!

Blog Post Eliminate Decision Fatigue May

How Montgomery’s Eliminates Decision Fatigue: A Haven for Stress-Free Shopping

In a world filled with decision fatigue, Montgomery’s offers a sanctuary for stress-free shopping. Imagine a place where every design decision is effortless and enjoyable. With complimentary design services, cutting-edge 3D sketching, and a comprehensive selection of home furnishings all under one roof, Montgomery’s revolutionizes the furniture shopping experience.

Blog Image Pet Friendly Homes April

Creating a Pet-Friendly Haven: A Guide to Furnishing Your Home with Furry Friends in Mind

Transform your house into a stylish sanctuary where every member of the family feels at home - including your furry friends! At Montgomery’s, we specialize in pet-friendly solutions, from durable flooring to chic furniture designed with pets in mind. Read on to learn how we can help you create the perfect haven for you and your pets!

Patio Blog image April

Enhance your indoor-outdoor living with design expertise, easy new additions

Transform your outdoor space with the same design-focused approach you use indoors. Discover expert tips from Montgomery’s designers on creating cohesive outdoor living areas, from lounge groupings to stylish lighting. Elevate your patio for the upcoming season!

Blog post patio season design store

Elevate Your Outdoor Space: The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Durable Patio Furniture

Discover the secrets to crafting the perfect outdoor oasis in 2024! From durable designs built to withstand South Dakota weather to the latest patio trends blurring indoor-outdoor boundaries, unlock your outdoor potential with expert insights. Dive into the full blog for exclusive tips and inspiration.

Blog post windw treatments Pigeon

Beyond window dressing: Window fashions offer easy, effective updates to enhance a home

Explore the world of window treatments with Montgomery’s and unlock endless possibilities for your home. From expert design guidance to seamless installation, we've got you covered every step of the way. Discover top trends, energy-efficient options, and customized solutions tailored to your style and needs.

Blog post Montgomerys Seamless Solutions Full Service Flooring

Seamless Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide to Our Full-Service Flooring Offerings

Read how the Floor Store at Montgomery's can elevate your living space with our full-service flooring solutions! Visit our showroom where you'll discover a vast selection to suit every style and budget.

Local Window Treatments blog post image

Elevating Your Home with Window Treatments at Montgomery’s

Discover the local advantage at Montgomery’s for exceptional window treatments. Personalized expertise, unparalleled knowledge, custom creations, and attention to detail await. Refresh your space with us!

Paula K 3D Design Presentation Living Room

3D design modeling creates visual representation of your room

Shopping at Montgomery’s is easy when the complimentary design services also includes free 3D sketches to envision how your room can come to life.

$13,500 Room Makeover Winner Home Office

Remote worker wins room makeover that transformed home office

Working from home has become more common these past few years. Which makes having a functional home office even more essential to a productive work day. Our complimentary design services can help you set up the perfect space in your home - even if you didn't win a makeover.

2024 - 10 Trends Blog Post

10 trends to watch in home design next year

We know the importance of a cozy home. But we also really understand the fascination with trendy styles for home furniture and decor. That's why we bring you this list of the 10 trends you should be aware of.

Blog Post Image dining at home

When dining at home, keep these design tips in mind

There's more to just setting a table for holiday meals or when celebrating a special occasion! Read this post from Kayla to learn how to present your dining table for festive meals all year round.

Blog Post Image fall to festive

From fall to festive, how to transition your home decor to meet the season

Autumn and Winter bring unique challenges as both have their own season PLUS a holiday (or two). Let our team show you how to take your home decor from seasonal to holiday.

Blog Post Image Pigeon October Lighting

Let the light shine: How design updates, technology are enhancing home lighting

When it comes to interior or exterior design, lighting is key. Each Montgomery's showroom has an extensive selection of lighting on display. Plus, our designers will make it easy for you to understand the nuisances of each type of light. Click the image to learn more.

Blog Post Image Fabrics Customize in store

Want custom furnishings in time for the holidays? It’s possible with this approach!

Montgomery's understands you sometimes need a quick makeover for your home - and we are glad to be able to accommodate your needs! During our Labor Day Sale (2023) you have the opportunity to customize furniture for nearly every room in your home, and get the new personalized pieces before Thanksgiving!

All four Montgomerys Showrooms employees blog post

Celebrating 135 years in business, Montgomery’s gives back

We have been in business for 135 years, directly due to community support and wonderful staff. Montgomery's is more than just a store that sells furniture, flooring, window treatments, mattresses, and lighting. We believe in giving back to our communities and hard working staff. That's why we have an annual WEEK where we celebrate and treat our employees.

Blog Post Image Sinclair Family Giving Back To Communities

Montgomery’s moves forward by giving back

Montgomery's is more than family owned, we are family - and are community focused. The towns and cities we are in support us, so it is important that we support them too. Read about how we are giving back during our 135th anniversary year.

Pigeon Ana Olivia Client

Home design simplified: How this free, complete service brings visions to life

We are more than just a furniture store! Each Montgomery's showroom has a team of designers and consultants who are passionate about creating beautiful living spaces - no matter the budget or size of home. Hear from a recent client about her Whole Home Experience.
"...I had no idea how easy and hands-on this was...”

Pigeon Spring Parade Homes Blog

Headed to the Parade of Homes? Here’s what to look for.

Montgomery's "Whole Home Experience" is displayed in the Parade of Homes tours. We offer flooring (tile, carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl plank), shower/tub surrounds, counters, backsplashes, and lighting. Beyond furniture, we're your comprehensive home solution: Furniture, Flooring, Window Treatments, Mattresses, Lighting.

Pigeon Yellowstone Blog Post

Love ‘Yellowstone?’ This new furniture collection will create your own Dutton Ranch

Warm wood tones, accented with blackened metal, create the perfect rustic setting for your bedroom. The Dutton bedroom collection is inspired by the hit series Yellowstone. Available exclusively at Montgomery's.

Pigeon Mattress Advice Image

A better night’s sleep awaits with this design and mattress advice.

What a difference losing even just one hour of sleep can make. If you find yourself dragging a bit after our recent shift to daylight saving time, you can relate. Now multiply that out by hours, days, weeks, even months. It becomes apparent how small changes definitely can impact how well you rest and consequently all your waking hours.

Blog HomeShows

Headed to the Home Show? Keep these tips in mind.

Home shows are just around the corner! These are exciting events for us at Montgomery's, not just because we attend 4 in a short time across the eastern portion of South Dakota. No, these are exciting because they allow us to bring you the latest styles in a setting where you can obtain other knowledge about what is best for your home renovations.

Sinclairs' Family Montgomery's 135th Anniversary Blog

At 135 years and counting, Montgomery’s makes fun plans for upcoming milestone year

Every new year is a celebration, but when a business has been owned and operated by the same family for five generations and 135 years. Well, that's a great reason to celebrate. Montgomery's is giving away FOUR (4) $13,500 room makeovers. Read more in this post.

holiday decor the blog

Interior designers offer expert advice for holiday home design, decorating

Has “decking the halls” left you needing a little holiday home updating?
There are plenty of ways to update your space for the season – and beyond,
with some help from our experts.

Pigeon blog Patricia

International designer helps Sioux Falls clients add global flair to homes

Having grown up in Brazil as the granddaughter of a furniture store owner. Patricia has furniture and design in her blood. Her international living is key to bringing new ideas and styles to clients in the area.

small spaces makeover blog

Custom design in small spaces can lead to big impact

Everyone has that "one space" in their home that seems impossible to decorate correctly due to its small size. Emily Connolly, from our Sioux Falls showroom, talks about how to make even the smallest space seem welcoming and comfortable.

SF Storefront Blog

Complimentary home design sets Montgomery’s Whole Home Experience apart

“Sometimes, people think we’re only a furniture store,” - Carly Ellsworth, manager of outside design. Understand what "The Whole Home Experience" means and how you can benefit from the FREE interior design services offered at all four Montgomery's locations.

Faux Floral Arrangement Banner

Tips for creating the perfect faux floral arrangement

A pop of color, some greenery, a decorative bowl or vase, and a little time allow you to create a beautiful floral arrangement perfect for any room in your home!

blog SpruceUP

Spruce up your home in time for the holidays!

Do you need to change up the appearance of a room or two in your home? We have a few easy tips to help you fall back in love with your home!

blog wfh desks

Modular desks are the perfect work-from-home solution

Need the perfect desk for your home office? Many of us have been working from home for weeks if not months, and that desk and office chair you thought would do for the time being may not be doing you any favors.

blog wallpaper

Transform your room with modern wallpaper

Have you noticed a little thing called wallpaper creating a buzz out there? You may think it died a long time ago, but it really never did. And today, the possibilities make it an obvious kick-in-the-pants option to put the drama back in your room.

blog pinterest

7 reasons to take your Pinterest ideas to an interior designer

You’ve probably seen the Pinterest fail websites that show before and after photos of all the hilarious ways these ideas go wrong. But when it comes to your home, a Pinterest fail can quickly become frustrating and expensive. And maybe just a little embarrassing.

blog hangpictures

How to hang a picture like a pro

Three of our design experts share how to make hanging family photos or artwork a little easier and more visually stunning.

blog patterns

How to Work with Patterns

Bright and bold playful patterns are trending this summer! Interior fashion has currently found a home with fresh and exciting patterns that brighten rooms and add life to a color palette. These new trending pieces are not your Grandma’s ancient sofa, instead, they hold a focus on large-scale shapes comprised of vibrant colors.

blog sleepconnection

Serta Connection System at Montgomery’s

The search for the right mattress has always been highly important to our customers. The real obstacle we had in the past was pairing the right mattress for our customer’s body type.

blog sleephealth

Sleep Health Facts

Our sleep specialists at Mattress 1st are surprised at the number of clients that are uneducated about sleep health. In light of our big mattress sale, we couldn’t think of a better time to help our viewers improve their sleep health. This blog includes a collection of information, fun facts, and advice.

blog coffeetable

How to decorate a coffee fable

Decorating your coffee table gives you the opportunity to let your style shine in your living room. Adding the right pieces adds an intriguing sophistication that is sure to charm.

blog floorflood

How to fix your flooded basement

Fall brings the cold, winter brings the wind, summer brings the construction… and spring brings the rain. If you’re not from South Dakota, WELCOME!

blog guestroom

Guest bedroom essentials

Is your guest bedroom ready for visitors? Treat your guests to a great stay by taking a few steps to transform that spare bedroom into a true getaway. Improvements can be simple and don’t have to break the bank.

blog quality

How do I know quality furniture?

Quality furniture can make all the difference in your home. Furniture is one of the most important, yet least appreciated aspects of life. You rest on it, your kids play on it, you sleep on it, and in many cases, you have it your entire life.

blog diningtable

5 Key Steps to Picking the Perfect Dining Table

The dining room table is the last bastion of family gathering time. Your table is the place your little ones smear birthday cake during their first birthday party and later share their spaghetti noodles with the dog. It’s the place you see your kids’ faces and hear about their day before they go back to their phones and computers.

blog designtrends

2019 Home Design Trends

With a new year comes new color and home design trends. Fresh colors slip into 2019 to complement much of what you already see. And some design styles from the past will pop up and take the design world by storm in brand new ways.

blog Christmas

44 Designer Decorating Secrets for a Brilliant Holiday Season

The shift into the holidays brings crisp whites, shimmery gold and silver, and a festive style only seen at this time of year. We try to think of something new to add to Christmas decorating each year. It might be a small twist, but who doesn’t like surprises and a little change?

blog thanksgiving

Best table-setting tips for Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you probably have a lot to do to get ready for your guests—cleaning, planning, grocery shopping, cooking. You want the food to be delicious and the house to be clean and welcoming.

blog livingroom

Living room arrangement ideas

Creating a comfortable and inviting living room is quite easy with these tips. If you're looking for a new sofa or side chair, contact our designers or visit a showroom for assistance.

blog carpetSmartStrand

SmartStrand: The Carpet Built for Elephants

Here at Montgomery’s, we are very selective when choosing products to supply to our customers. So when Mohawk flooring claimed their SmartStrand carpet was built to hold elephants, I had to dig in. Just how good could this carpet be? Check out what I found below.

blog transitional

Transitional Design

What is your style? Is traditional style a bit too formal? Is contemporary style a bit too harsh? Do you feel like you like something in the middle, elements of both but can’t put your finger on it? The transitional style is an alliance between traditional and contemporary, taking the unique aspects of each and combining them to create a balanced blend of both.

blog woolcarpet

6 Benefits of Wool Flooring

With a long tradition as one of the most luxurious fibers for flooring, wool provides many benefits. Wool is stylish, sustainable, easy to clean, safe, strong and provides value to your home and life.

blog decoratein

Decorating in Threes

If there is such a thing as a “magic number” for assuring good visual design, it’s three. Artists and designers use visual elements in sets of three to help their compositions feel more harmonious. Left, center, right. Small, medium, large. It’s a series that’s familiar, balanced, and orderly.

blog family

A Family Affair

In a corporate landscape dominated by chains, Montgomery’s Furniture, spanning 126 years and five family generations, stands out. Their success isn't accidental; it's rooted in a pioneering spirit, hard work, and an enduring commitment to improvement.

blog basementblues

Basement Blues: How to deal with moisture and water in your basement

Basements, flooding and water damage have been a recent issues for many homeowners in Eastern South Dakota. Whether you have flooding in your basement or moisture issues, know that the flooring experts at The Floor Store can help you! You can always give us a call or stop into any of locations.

Blog post shop Montgomerys for flooring

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

Unlock the secrets to home transformation with our flooring guide! Dive into the allure of Luxury Vinyl Plank, the comfort of Carpet, the elegance of Hardwood, and the durability of Tile. Each option offers unique perks to match your lifestyle. Read on to see how Montgomery’s flooring experts can help you find the perfect fit for your home and budget.

Blog post mattress cleaning

A Fresh Start: Three Easy Ways to Clean Your Mattress

We delve into simple yet effective methods to clean your mattress, ensuring a fresh and hygienic haven for rest. From banishing dust mites, to refreshing with natural deodorizers, we've got you covered. Plus, learn why investing in a mattress protector is key to elevate your sleep experience.

Blog post Montage protection plans

Guarding Your Investment: The Benefits of Purchasing a Furniture Protection Plan

Congratulations on your new furniture! At Montgomery’s, we understand the importance of safeguarding your investment. That's why we offer protection coverage, so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing accidents won't compromise your furniture. We offer easy purchase options and hassle-free claims processes. Read on to learn more about protecting your furniture.

Blog post better to shop in store

The In-Store Advantage: Why Purchasing Furniture In-Store Trumps Online Shopping

Step into a world of sensory exploration and personalized guidance with in-store furniture shopping at Montgomery’s! While online convenience is undeniable, nothing beats feeling textures, assessing colors, and testing comfort firsthand. Our expert design consultants offer complimentary services to help you navigate choices and customize options for your perfect space.

Blog post Support Report Pressure Mapping

Unboxing the Truth: Why Mattresses in a Box Might Not Be Your Best Bet

While mattresses in a box offer convenience, there are crucial factors to consider before making the switch. Limited testing opportunities mean relying on online reviews, potentially leading to a mismatch in comfort expectations. Read on to see how we prioritize your sleep health, offering pressure mapping technology and a sleep promise to ensure you find the perfect mattress.

blog office bottom

Montgomery’s blog is all you need to fill your advice and inspiration needs. Learn bedroom decorating ideas, living room decorating ideas, and more. We want to share our insights to create your perfect home or space. Think like an interior designer with our latest renovation recaps and project breakdowns. Inside our Trending Topic section, learn style steals, DIY hacks, tips, tricks, etc., to design your home within your budget. Learn how to organize your home. Our storage ideas and hacks are the perfect complement to keep things in order while designed with beautiful decor. Learn what furniture, sofa, sectional, bed, bar, flooring, or mattress to buy with various buying guides and explained shopping processes. We beat all other interior design websites because of our free interior design services. Our expert designers can renovate and remodel your home with several home design ideas gathered from years of experience. Learn the importance of color with our wall painting ideas and living room colors from our color articles. Fix your flooring with ideas from carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, and stone. Decorating your home is an exciting but confusing experience. Using our home decor ideas, you will be a genius in home design! Find decoration ideas that fit your style while following current trends. Our blogs always have a touch of modern design to fit into our contemporary generation. Dress up your living room with our modern living room ideas. We hope you read and find everything that you need here for your house decoration ideas!