When dining at home, keep these design tips in mind

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From upcoming holiday meals to colder weather and darker days, there are lots of reasons you might be dining more at home in the months ahead.

Whether it’s a daily dinner for your household or a special occasion you’re hosting, the right attention to your dining setting can make any meal more complete.

“Dining spaces can be a lot of fun to design, whether you’re building a new home or refreshing your current one,” said Kayla Hathaway, a design consultant at Montgomery’s.

“Especially as people have moved somewhat away from dedicated dining rooms, we’re seeing them explore all the different settings where you can eat and drink at home.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you consider design for your own dining spaces.

The table itself

Of course, the dining surface itself is the foundation of a dining room, whether it’s open to your kitchen or in a dedicated room off of it.

“We are seeing more and more table tops with interesting surfaces – glass tops with different colors or mosaics, textured metal that can be hammered or distressed – and it can completely bring a different look and become a highlight of the room,” Hathaway said.

“Of course, we also still sell lots of solid wood tables, but we seeing more interest in the different surfaces.”

Integrating with a kitchen in an open floor plan is key, she added.

“When I help clients, I’m looking at the cabinetry selection, the lighting, the flooring, because I want everything to flow,” Hathaway said. “Especially with moving away from a formal dining room, a lot of times the dining space opens to a larger family room, so we want all those pieces to integrate with the furniture.”

In older homes that might have small stand-alone dining rooms, “we have great options for tables with self-storing leaves where they can open up to expand the table as needed,” Hathaway said. “I’ve also done bench seating that I might put in an entryway but with the idea that it can be pulled into the dining room for additional seating, or I’ll tuck extra dining chairs into a home office.”

The seating

Even more so than tables, dining chairs offer a way to deliver a fresh look in multiple spaces.

“We help clients look at chairs with upholstery that coordinates with a nearby sofa or bar stools that match dining chairs,” Hathaway said. “We’re using metals in bar stools that complement the lighting features. I want everything in a home to look like it was put there on purpose.”

It can make a huge difference.

“I had a client the other day who came in thinking she needed a whole new dining set, and as we looked at the shape of the table we ended up keeping it and just getting new chairs that coordinated with the sofa and created better use of space,” Hathaway said.

“Sometimes, it isn’t that you have to buy entirely new, but we can look at your existing furniture and find something that works with it a bit better.”

As more kitchens have integrated counter seating and islands – or even double islands – it has shown how fun bar stools can be to select, she added.

“We have so many options,” Hathaway said. “We have some great, fun, gold finishes and even some velvets – which you’d think would be a really scary fabric on a bar stool, but there are new materials out that are incredibly durable even if you spill on it.”

Lower-level entertaining

Fall and winter are great times to update the lower level of your home, creating ideal spaces for game-watching gatherings and movie nights.

Think pub tables, counter seating and, again, bar stools.

“I’ve been in homes recently with six to 10 bar stools that have become the main eating area,” Hathaway said. “It’s become a lot more popular, and I don’t think people realize how many options there are as well as opportunities to customize. We have products rated for up to 400 pounds, and they’re not going to get wiggly, so you can sit on it and feel safe.”

Montgomery’s even can help you with the bar itself – with a fantastic selection of bars, bar cabinets and carts.

“There are some very stylish options to create a bar area or to supplement one with a cabinet,” Hathaway said.

Finishing touches

Lighting and accessories complete a dining experience and shouldn’t be overlooked.

“We’re seeing smaller lamps coming into table settings and more moody lighting in dining spaces,” Hathaway said. “You used to just see one large chandelier, and now I’m seeing dual chandeliers or three hanging fixtures, so those have been fun to see.”

And whether it’s a routine meal or holiday feast, centerpieces always complete the experience.

“We can help with a floral centerpiece and create something that reflects the season if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving or holiday meal,” Hathaway said. “There are great designs using arrangement in the middle of the table, so you can still talk over it, and it gives you kind of a more updated look.”

If you’re looking to complete your dining upgrades before the holidays, there’s still time.

“We’re always going to have inventory in stock and available,” Hathaway said. “If you’re looking to customize, it’s about eight to 12 weeks, which is back to normal and pretty amazing for choosing your own colors and finishes to be made in the U.S. and delivered to your door.”

Outdoor dining

Fortunately, it won’t be all that long before you’re back to dining outdoors again too – or even sooner if you have a multiseason enclosed room. So it’s not too soon to think patio season.

“It’s actually been kind of crazy how many requests we’re still getting to look at patio furniture,” Hathaway said. “If you haven’t stopped in recently, there are so many advances there as far as products that can stay outside and hold up in the weather, things that can get wet and don’t blow away, that they’re meant for South Dakota seasons. It’s really cool how much has changed.”

And remember – Montgomery’s design services are completely free when you purchase Montgomery’s products.

“One of the things I like to stress as you work with a designer is that you don’t have to do the whole project now,” Hathaway said. “Maybe we’re looking at a table, chairs and rug, and you only want the table now, and in six months you come get the chairs. Having us show you what it can look like gets your mind toward that goal, and then we can work with you as time goes on and you’re ready to complete the design.”

Ready to start enhancing your dining space? Stop in, or schedule an appointment with a Montgomery’s designer.